⭐MARIO Video Game Workout! Virtual Gym Class | Bobo PE

⭐MARIO Video Game Workout! Virtual Gym Class | Bobo PE

🍄🍄 Do the SEQUEL after this! https://youtu.be/Bg877iD8uLw

Bobo and kids bring you a Super fun VIDEO GAME WORKOUT for the whole family in classic Super Mario style! Laugh and LEVEL UP with Bobo, Prayer, and Zadok through a series of challenging levels filled with classic Mario characters and items. Get coins and the star at the end!
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Check out our original STRETCH video BEFORE to get warmed up: https://youtu.be/6faJ5Wp0PGY

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This workout is great for TEACHERS whose kids might be missing P.E. or recess due to distance learning / homeschooling. Or for anyone who has energy to burn!
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  1. I will do more vids if I can bobo I have a channel name called damiangaming to play my own workout channel to like you bobo

  2. OMG THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!! My twins loved this! My son has started to whine about exercise time as of late and this just got him SO hyped! You’re very creative, keep doin what you do, you’re appreciated!🥰🖤

  3. Very nice…am also pe teacher working in banglore..after seeing ur innovative pe activities videos I learnt many things thank you so much sir really hats off sir …

  4. I teach elementary students and I have to try this out for their workout time.
    I tried it myself and it is exhausting. The squats and the consecutive jumps get to you! lol

    Well done and blessings! 🙂

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