10 Minute Beginner Large Loop Resistance Band Workout- At Home Full Body Routine

10 Minute Beginner Large Loop Resistance Band Workout- At Home Full Body Routine

10 Minute Beginner Large Loop Resistance Band Workout- At Home Full Body Routine

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Bob and Brad demonstrate a ten minute workout using the Bob and Brad pull up band set.

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  1. Oh my goodness these are the best exercises I have seen. I thought you guys were going to yap too much. I’m VERY IMPRESSED! Thank you so much. I needed this!

  2. I’ve got to have knee surgery here soon, and I was wondering if you have something else instead of squats and bending the knees? I’d appreciate it.

  3. Excellent video! We are both in our 80’s and feel better than ever! We are all about healthy aging to prevent and reverse disease. The key is to retain a strong body, a calm mind, and a positive outlook. Getting older at any age does not have to mean getting sicker. We’re doing research on sites like this to make our new Health-Aging Advice channel a success. We hope to inspire others. Learned a lot here. Thank you.

  4. Where does one find info on the massage gun you mentioned a few videos ago (hamstring release) ? Thanks, love the videos!!!

  5. Thanks Brad I’m so inspired to follow you. I’m going to use my resistance bands just like the yellow and red narrow bands. I did resistance band on my pushups

  6. Great video as always please can you do a similar one for stroke rehabilitation, legs ok but weakness in one arm any thanks for all your work

  7. I hope you guys are Christians. I love your humor, your attitudes, your videos…but quoting Ghandi?! hmmm. My life is not MY message. GOOD VIDEO !!! You guys are awesome..entertaining, fun, and informative. 🌝⚘

  8. Please enter me in your contest, I did the 10 minute RB working, I swear, feels like I had worked out for an hour at the gym,

  9. I’m 10 but I was using a red and a blue band (70lb) and i lifted it 236 times in a row is that good?

  10. Ideas for the glute exercise where you don’t have to kneel? Had total knee replacement and doctor told me not to kneel on my knee.

  11. I got my bands and I love them. I don’t really have a place to attach wall anchors. I can’t seem to close any of my doors with the door anchor. Any tricks to this??

  12. You guys are awesome and your videos are helping me out a lot. Thank you so much for these 🙏

  13. When you do a chest press , continue to press out until your fist come together . This will give a better contraction on the chest muscles.

  14. I get a lot of foot pain all over the bottom of my feet when running, this pain quickly disappears 30 mins after the run however and no issues during the day. Any advice?

  15. You are my favorite physica therapists, every time I watch you and have a big smile on my face

  16. Hello ! — I bought a set of resistance bands recently. — I was not sure how to use them, I mean doing the transition between dumbbells and resistance bands. — Now I’m watching all your videos on Youtube and I’m learning a lot. — You guys are the best ! — Thanks !

  17. Man I’m in nursing field on front lines my back killing me from these shift this pandemic caused burn out I need to strengthen my back I’m having lower back pain now I’ll try some of this

  18. I looked up "butt wink" because I never heard of it before. It’s really important to know how to squat without rolling your spine and inadvertently injuring the discs in your back.

  19. Thank you, Bob and Brad! This is a very helpful video.

    I have suggestion for a future video:

    Could you create a Workout In The Mirror series with the Booyah Stick? One for shoulders and neck, one for back, and one for posture?

    It would be very helpful to follow along for those of us need that.

    Both my husband and I love doing the Workouts In The Mirror because they are simple to, well, mirror.😁

  20. "Bob, this is a family show" gets me every time 😂 I really need to get these bands. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t like doing weights at the gym and need something I can do at home without weights.

  21. My bands came today. Now to learn how to use them. Especially using door anchors. Have shoulder impingenent so hoping some exercises will help plus need to get more strength in that arm since haven’t used much in long time. My therapist said on my own now.. Done with weekly appointments.

  22. Love it! A lighthearted approach to a serious subject – improving posture and the body in general.

  23. I wear a set of padded gloves with fingers using the bands as they start to chew up your hands after a while.

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