10 Places in ARIZONA You Should NEVER Move To

10 Places in ARIZONA You Should NEVER Move To

Move to these places and you’re gonna regret it big time!

Arizona. It’s the second-fastest growing state in the U.S. People are flocking here because of its sunny weather, affordability and a wide variety of entertainment options – from celebrity-owned restaurants to outdoor festivals. The Copper State is also home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world…you know, the Grand Canyon. But despite 320 sunny days each year, not every city in Arizona is a bright spot. Today, we’re talking about the places you don’t want to live here.

We’ve looked at a bunch of data, you know – crime, poverty, the quality of schools and home prices. Plus, we took into account YOUR opinion – that’s right – you Arizonans have a lot to say about which places in your states are great and which are not so great. So, while Arizona is known as a world-famous tourist destination…these are some places to leave off your itinerary.

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  1. I am not a huge environmental dude but it is called light pollution. AZ has an awesome night sky for a reason why ruin it.

  2. Me and a friend just watched this…how dare you not mention Cochise County as a whole/hole, you must not have lived in Arizona! @tmnim @curtisfeagan

  3. How bout Ehrenberg AZ right on the border next to Blythe, Calif. the homeless are all over the place both sides of the border

  4. Ugh they all look and sound like shitholes. Crazy, I live in Hawaii where everyone is broke and on welfare and meth. People move here, can’t get work, and live off of our welfare system. I need a new place to go. So these towns don’t sound much worse than paradise.

  5. You obviously have never been to Arizona- Tolleson is 5 minutes from Phoenix, and Guadalupe is 6 minutes from Phoenix- they are suburbs dude. And not everyone gets hired at companies that pay above 15 per hour, there are simply far more people than jobs available, I would stop looking also after about a week of disappointment.

  6. where is the enforced school camp for so many underfunctioning adults. yea, is it impossible for the great usa to assert rule of law, increase communal policing, mandate HS graduation, basic literacy. mandates for vax, mask far less a priority than school parenting public order. dont be afraid to call out segregation, the failure of law order, apathetic abrogation of the us constitution. open indictment of the legislature, state exec

  7. Well I been standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona such a fine sight to see,

    It’s a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford trying to smoke some Meth with me.

  8. AZ has become ridiculously pricey even in the ghettos and it’s so difficult for Gen Zers like me to find a place to live that isn’t run down by tweakers and gangs

  9. The money goes to the police department and the city of Eloy that’s why poverty is so low they don’t want it to grow they put the money in their own pockets

  10. As a native of Arizona, it is my opinion that this video is completely worthless. It is not possible for me to convey how worthless this video is with words.

  11. This guy obviously doesn’t know what the crap he is talking about. Some of the towns on this list are in reality nice and great places to live. My town is on this list, and it has been booming in recent years. Tons of people moving in. His description is completely inaccurate in almost every way. Even his weather info is wrong.

  12. Ok ehh to all of this except for the parts of phoenix. To all those outside of phoenix it doesn’t compare to Chicago, new Orleans new Jersey. The places in az are still clean. So yeah it Maybe run down and not great but it’s not like Philadelphia. Not even close

  13. Duuude! I love your song it’s sooo funnny! Great video. I’m gonna watch it again and move toooooo…… 2,3,4 ARIZONA!

  14. If you are thinking of moving to Arizona I would suggest that you avoid this video because it is a load of… well let’s just say it isn’t accurate! The guy obviously only values metropolitan big city lifestyles. These are small towns with unique atmospheres. As for crime rates – if you have a very small population then one or two crimes will boost the percentage above the national average… and average income is low because many of the citizens are retired, own their homes without a mortgage, and/or choose not to build their lives around a job! They don’t need to participate in the rat race and they like it that way! Some of the pics he shows aren’t even in the towns he mentions – like West Point High school is in Avondale not Tolleson. And dust storms are rare and coat the entire valley – not just a 1.2 sq mile town! So do yourself a favor and move on to the next video on your list!

  15. I live in Peoria. I don’t see how Tolleson made the list. You have so many places hiring right there on Lower Buckeye starting at $17 and up.

  16. There is no affordability in Phoenix Arizona Phoenix Arizona is too damn hot I lived there for a year and a half and I’ll never go back

  17. I don’t know why you say 40k is poverty. I have live my life quite well on about that. I own a nice home, and I have horses!

  18. Lived in Snowflake the past 14 years… love it! one of the best places to raise a family! REal sense of community, great schools, etc. Sure, you can find your troubles with any town, but your overall assessment is seriously lacking. Lotsa people are moving to Snowflake and love it! Just gotta throw in my two bits

  19. Ok but what’s yalls opinion on Yuma I love it here and I would never leave if I didn’t have to but it can be boring but what’s yalls oppinion

  20. Boy do I hate south Phoenix, crime of the charts, poverty, hot as hell, and the schools suck major a$$, this man has never been to az from what he’s saying, every place has it hardships but a lot are nice, like Apache junction, it’s a bit hotter but in the end it’s just junkies and old people

  21. Ofc a white guy, most of the typical ppl afraid of travelling to and through the west side 🙄. I was born and raised here. Nothing bad about Arizona. The only bad thing i see, are all the SoCal ppl here. Yuck. Go back home…oh wait y’all can’t afford it 🤣🤣😂😂. Maryvale is the worse. Lock your doors, seriously.

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