10min: Donkey Kick WORKOUT for Butt & Hips!

10min: Donkey Kick WORKOUT for Butt & Hips!

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  1. The only exercise I’ll be doing.. Plus 50 squats, if I’ll have the strength to. My
    1. weight is at 60.5..
    2. Waist-27.5 to 27
    3. Hips – 39
    4. Arm – 11
    5. Chest/bust – 36
    Cut carbs… Eating veggies and protein. Wish me luck!.. Will update in 2 weeks

  2. I FINALLY found you yaaaay!!!! I have been searching this Video. i realy like this Video. i was been doing this before one year ago and i stopped. And i wanna start again. it works for me Thank you❤️

  3. I love your video♡ You are breathing heavily just like me, more realistic than other people who keep pushing or keep smiling when i am dying in the midst of exercising!

  4. That side one made the side of my body hurt the next day is that normal or was it meant to be more the bum lol

  5. Been doing it M-S every night with Stephi Nyguen 10 minute intense abs. Oh my gosh. Some nights you ladies are too much. But the combo definitely lifted my mom-bum.

  6. This is day 2 doing This workout but i can see some results not only in my butt but in my belly too maybe it’s just me but all my body burns so much in this workout. I will upgrade if i see more results in a week. Also everyone’s says their legs hurt in this workout but mine doesn’t it is normal? Btw Good luck everyone ❣️❣️ u can do This 😘

  7. Ma’am mayb u take capsules for bott or u put cream longtime i get workout but same size my booty no improve

  8. I want to lose butt fat and fit in my jeans again lol will this make it happen or does it make your butt look bigger ( yeah toned but bigger ) my butt is perky enough I just want to lose the fat ! Thank you for your answer

  9. Meygeed i thought its easy 😂😂it’s burning my hips wheww just my second day on it. I wish I can do it further more.. 😁

  10. Been doing for a week now and today I am feeling the burn 🔥 maybe bc I’m actually getting through the whole workout finally 🤣

  11. I haven’t tried it yet….looks pretty intense but I’m going to try this one for sure Today. I want to take a before and after picture to see the stages of changes,. Will update after….

  12. I just started .. because I’m at home with my first child ! When I tell y’all my body was WET from sweat.. my husband was like what you been doing lol 😂

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