11 Popular Fitness Myths Debunked! | Jose Antonio, PhD

11 Popular Fitness Myths Debunked! | Jose Antonio, PhD

Are high-protein diets and creatine bad for you? What really causes muscle soreness? Is there such a thing as the “anabolic window?” Get the low down on some of the common misconceptions about getting fit.
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With all the health, fitness, and nutrition information you could ever possibly need just a Google search away, it’s amazing that there are still so many myths about what goes on in your body and your mind in pursuit of better health. Too often, though, more information leads to more confusion, not less.

Jose Antonio, PhD, CEO of the International Society Sports Nutrition and a researcher at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, puts the following common misconceptions to rest. RIP, bro science.

| 11 Popular Fitness Myths Debunked |
1. High-Protein Diets Are Bad For Your Kidneys: The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. In contrast, here at Nova Southeastern, we have data showing that if you’re a trained male bodybuilder and consume 3.3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day (four times the RDA), you’ll experience no harmful effects to your kidneys, liver, or blood lipids.

2. High-Protein Diets Leach Calcium From Your Bones: This myth about high-protein diets says that consuming too much of it can make your bones brittle and weak. We have done studies up to six months in length that looked at the effect on the bones of women who consumed 2.5-3.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (about three times the RDA). We found no decrease in bone health. In fact, the data suggested that if women eat a high-protein diet, they may increase their lumbar bone-mineral density.

3. Muscle Soreness Is Caused By A Buildup Of Lactic Acid: You might have heard a massage therapist saying, “Today, I’m going to massage the lactic acid out of your muscles so you won’t be sore.” Sorry to burst their bubble, but lactic acid, aka lactate, has nothing to do with delayed-onset muscle soreness. DOMS is primarily caused by doing eccentric loading or negatives, or by doing exercises that tax your muscles in new ways. In either case, the soreness comes from micro tears in your muscle fibers.

Lactate isn’t a metabolic poison and it doesn’t cause soreness. In fact, it’s a fuel source used by your heart, brain, muscles, and kidneys.

4. You Lose More Fat By Decreasing Fats…Or Carbohydrates
5. Taking Creatine Causes Cramps And Dehydration
6. Women Who Strength-Train Get Big And Bulky
7. Artificial Sweeteners Are Bad For You
8. It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Eat, As Long As You Eat “Good Food”
9. You Have A Few Hours After Your Workout To Get Your Protein
10. Caffeine Is A Diuretic Agent That Can Lead To Dehydration
11. The Best Way To Lose Body Fat Or Weight Is Through Exercise
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  1. In this essay I will tackle several issues with this video.
    Firstly, lactate/lactic acid. Lactate has everything to do with the immediate muscle burn from exercise. It is a result from glycolysis only (anaerobic) metabolism in your muscle cells, because they are having to work quickly to keep up with energy demand. Delayed onset soreness is from micro muscle tears as the result of exercise, which will be repaired. The repair usually results in stronger muscle. Glucose is a cell’s preferred fuel, period; your heart and muscles don’t use lactate at resting state because there is no reason to. Other things will be burned or utilized during exercise when your glucose stores are low, including fat, ketones, etc. This was something he could have elaborated on much better, because his explanation as-is oversimplified cellular metabolism.

    In the studies about protein and kidney damage, notice how he neglects to mention how long the high protein diet lasted. That matters. If this study was short term, then the results should also be tested long term. Because effects may only be seen long-term, but not in a three week study. Was there a control group, and what was their diet? He didn’t say. Same with the bone calcium study. How long? What studies were these? You don’t even give us first-author’s names so we can look them up if we are interested.

    Also lets take a second to look at the fact that this guy has two conflicts of interest: it is put out by a website about body building, and he is a CEO of a sports nutrition company. If you want information about fitness and supplements, I highly suggest you do your own browsing instead of going to a company website that is trying to sell you something. Google Scholar is free and wonderful! But in the world of PhD education and publications, your conflicts of interest are clearly labeled on your published paper, either on the front page or near the acknowledgment section; it depends on the journal. I don’t see his conflicts clearly labeled here, and they should be labeled exactly as "conflicts of interest" in either the description or credits of the video. That should worry you.

    I am also seeing in the comments that this guy was previously associated with Marlboro. I haven’t fact checked that, but it is a reminder that it’s important to check out the past and current associations of the people you are taking information from. The university he works for? Never heard of it. It is real, but it is a pretty obscure school if you don’t live in Florida.

    That being said, he has given a couple points of good advice, namely about overeating and about how much a caloric deficit and food quality really matter. Like, yeah, you can lose weight eating little Debbies three meals a day If you keep a calorie deficit, but oh my god that would be awful. But that information is readily available from google searches. It is so simple even WebMD knows it. And at least their health posts are peer reviewed. This video? No idea, but probably no peer review. No references… ending "bro science"? Hardly, because I don’t see any actual science referenced here.

    And as a Biomedical Sciences PhD student, I am quite frankly disappointed and not impressed. I know that I really didn’t have to take the time to comment, but bad science communication and not disclosing conflicts of interest properly really winds me up.

  2. PhD was sponsored by so many nutraceutical companies??
    protein companies, artificial sweetener companies etc etc.?

  3. as a girl who’s been lifting consistently for about a year now…. umm yeah you’re gonna gain some muscle mass if you’re lifting right and getting enough protein…. and yeah you might even look a lil bulky 💀 #6 is true

  4. I just wanted to have flat belly, so I tried fat loss plan from Agoge Diet. Guess what? I lost my beer belly in just 30 days. Now I want a six pack 😀

  5. I’m a woman and I want to get big and muscular. I don’t know why my arms are so weak though. I can squat decently but I have a lot of trouble with pushups and bicep curls. I know it’s normal for wemon to be not as strong, but I don’t feel any contraction or burning while lifting with my arms regardless of the weight

  6. I find this video extremely interesting! On my Youtube channel I pointed out different factors that should not be taken for granted!

  7. Dam i thought lactic acid was real. So how does compression clothing reduce muscle soreness?

  8. You gave male body builders a high protein intake? … Body builders, whom are already probably used to a high protein-intake, to see if it would do any harm..? Wondering if you tried it with several people or just the one.

    Many of these points are way too dependent on the individual person and DNA. I am a literal living proof that less carbs and higher fat intake work better for some people, nomatter protein intake. (I have studied my own body very thouroughly for over ten years now, I’ve been through it.) A heeeell of a lot also depends on how much water you drink, and what body-type you have and how fast or slow your individual metabolism naturally is, when it comes to loosing weight or gaining muscle.

    This whole video smells like lack of perspective, invalidity and a biased agenda.

  9. So there is no evidence that the anabolic window exist BUT go ahead and drink that protein shake immediately after working out because hey! there is nothing to lose!

    Go ahead and worship the spaghetti monster because there is no benefit in not worshipping him!

    See how stupid that sounds??

  10. Data about artificial sweeteners cited here doesn’t look at ill effects on gut health. Don’t eat artificial sweeteners

  11. really good video. and i cant tell you how many times i have to tell my clients it doesn’t matter what diet you do it’s about calorie sin versus calories out. The number of arguments i get into people about keto dieting and why it’s no different if anything slightly worse for a beginner for weightloss is too damn high. If you want to do keto go ahead, but you cant argue the fact that it’s a "better" system to lose weight it’s just simply not true.

  12. Iv never heard anything about caffeine being a diuretic. I have heard of coffee or other things being a diuretic. Its the source containing the caffeine that people believe is a diuretic. At least in my experience.

  13. Myth #1: Protein is bad for your kidneys
    Myth #2: Protein makes your bones brittle
    Myth #3: Lactic acid makes your muscles sore
    Myth #4: There’s a "best diet" for fat loss
    Myth #5: Taking creatine dehydrates you
    Myth #6: Women automatically get huge from lifting weights
    Myth #7: Artificial sweeteners are not safe
    Myth #8: It’s just food quality that matters, not total calories
    Myth #9: You have to have protein immediately after workout
    Myth #10: Caffeine is a diuretic
    Myth #11: Exercise is the best for weight loss

  14. I love people who claim to exercise daily.
    "Oh really, what do you do?"
    Well I go for a walk.
    "Oh really, how far?"
    I don’t know, about half an hour
    Quick maths, average adult walks about 3-4mph so you’ve done 1.5 – 2 miles. You’ll probably burn about 200 calories. Well done you. I mean, it’s better than doing nothing, unless of course you did nothing but ate 300 calories less than normal lol.

  15. I choose not to believe someone who says he has all this information but doesn’t implement it anywhere to benefit from it.

  16. Some people are really fucking dumb that they cannot even understand that this dude just told you that he is the person that publishes research papers and people out here claiming shit while being uneducated

  17. Yeah – this guy is pushing protein supplements. Jeff Nippard proves the anabolic window is a myth, however this guy is lying to you to get you to buy more protein.

  18. Imagine having everything you need for successfull body transformation in one place?! Yeah, it’s possible, the website called Agoge Diet leaves you full-packed and ready for melting off those extra pounds.

  19. Im a professional dietician. Eggs meats and animal products are toxic!!! they have huge amount of chemicals antibiotics puss puke sh** while producing them. they are full of bacterias and clogg the arteries!! first educate yourself later eat whats good for you only!! they also massively disrupt hormonal balance of men and women!! Animals are fed with GMO soy and corn and they dont get any nutrition from the soil, cause its extra money, nobody does that. Omega 3 are destroyed by temperature oxygen and light, there are no omega 3s in animal products or meat. Fish and fish oil are massively POLLUTED. Omega 3 naturally occuring and best souce is SPIRULINA. Marketing is fake, open your eyes. Meats and diary are not allowed on keto diet which is the best diet. Best anti inflammatory diet is vegan keto.

  20. Eat around 2.2+ gram of protein pr body kg. Protein help you Lose fat and gain muscle. Its take long time to build muscle so keep eat real food and No protein powder.

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  22. To all the people saying it sounds like a huge protein shill-out, he’s actually advocating for EATING protein, not just as a supplement. That really means LESS supplement intake

  23. The biggest myth is anyone can build muscle. It’s all dependent on how many muscle fibers you have. By one year old you have developed every muscle fiber you’ll ever have.

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