13 Basic Vibration Machine Exercises Workout Step by Step Tutorial

13 Basic Vibration Machine Exercises Workout Step by Step Tutorial

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Have you bought a vibration machine but only have no idea where to start a workout? Here are your basic vibration training exercises with 13 minutes step by step demonstration. I will show you how to use a vibration machine at home for workout, to get the most results out of it. The vibration machine can help you lose weight as well as building muscles at some level.

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The beginner workout routine includes:
1: Calf Raise
2: Left & Right Lunge
3: Full Squat
4: Half Squat
5: Lats Stretch
6: Lattisimus Dip
7: Waist Bend Posture
8: Lateral Raise (with resistance band)
9: Backhand Raise (with resistance band)
10: Sitdown Stretch
11: Half Press Up
12: Whole Body Vibration

Vibration machines have become wildly popular for 2 reasons: they make exercising easy, and when paired with a proper diet and additional exercise, they get results. And that’s true. I believe if you follow this tutorial video and take action with your vibration exercise plate, you will be surprised by it.

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  1. Super video, merci, mais dommage, aucune indication sur les muscles qui travaillent pendant les exercices.

  2. I just bought the LifePro 3D machine. This will be a great video to get started. Plus I just like watching this girl workout. 🙂

  3. Best video definitely 😀 I’ll be buying this vibrating machine..how much it cost and where you bought it

  4. this fake toothpaste smile pisses me off. totally dubious and unsympathetic. nobody looks like that in sports.

  5. Mine is arriving today not this brand but it has the resistance bands so we will see if it really works

  6. What setting are you using on this routine? The presets are 10 minutes long so how do you get to 13 minutes? Thanks

  7. I just got my machine today. And can not stay off of it. When I was in a car accident. I went to the doctors and they had me do this. And ever since I have been hook on it. I love it.

  8. I have this machine and did this workout. Excellent workout! (Although the machine does come with a booklet with about 20 exercises, many different than these.) I did this on Program 3 but I don’t think it matters much. Lower levels/intensity for beginners makes sense so you learn how to keep your balance, as you advance increase the level of difficulty. I will say that the Sitdown Stretch is almost impossible to do completely on the machine because your booty or legs (depending on which way you’re facing) will keep hitting the buttons on the machine, turning it off. So I do that one with my legs crossed on the floor and booty on the machine. Great video and I look forward to doing the advanced video next!

  9. This pure Bullshit and liars, The lat stretch is False as it can be, The muscles will never stretch under tension with that position been Isometric Contraction Hold. The muscle will only Stretch when in a Relaxation , the Bend Posture in this video the Neck is taking the Toe as in this pose the Neck is either Neutral or Relax . This video and this machine can only make Miracles for people that have Zero Knowledge in Fitness , this is a Toy not a Fitness Machine.

  10. Excelente video, acabo de comprar mi lifepro, y este video me ensena todo los ejercicios , que puedo hacer. mandare video del antes y despues.

  11. Can i use my bear feet or with socks on? Or do i have to wear sneakers using it?
    Please let me know.

  12. a famous retailer tries to sell it makes you don’t need to put effort into it, i am glad that there’s video showing you still have to train

  13. Just got my machine. No instructions on how to start using it. I’m 65 and l want to regain muscle tone and more. What settings should l start with?

  14. *The beginner workout routine includes:*
    01: Calf Raise 00:28
    02: Left Lunge 01:00
    03: Right Lunge 01:41
    04: Full Squat 02:34
    05: Half Squat 04:03
    06: Lats Stretch 05:16
    07: Lattisimus Dip 06:16
    08: Waist Bend Posture 07:01
    09: Lateral Raise (with resistance band) 07:58
    10: Backhand Raise (with resistance band) 09:17
    11: Sitdown Stretch 10:26
    12: Half Press Up 11:42
    13: Whole Body Vibration 12:12

  15. Just got my life pro waver yesterday and looking forward to slim down with these exercises. Thank you!

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