$20 A Month Gym VS $300+ A Month Gym

$20 A Month Gym VS $300+ A Month Gym

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  1. This dudes retarded he ofc has to do bad form curls in the middle of the video and review the fucking bathroom lmfao

  2. I don’t think he was talking shit about the people who go to Planet Fitness. It sounded more like he was saying it was for recreational beginners who are dipping their toes in the water. Serious lifters shouldn’t really be going there because the weights are too lights and they don’t have the tools needed.

  3. I think there is a reason it is called Planet Fitness and not Planet Rippedness. You don’t have to be swole to be fit.

  4. People who go PF still are gym goers, as long as they do something they’re still improving themselves not everyone wants to start off or work towards being able to lift a bunch of 300kg iron off the floor (if you do my respect for being that strong)
    Consistency, enjoyability and sustainability is priority over the number on weights this is after all something you do for life
    Hamza should humble you

  5. It all depends on where you are in life
    don’t knock equinox

    I started out in Planet Fitness it was cool my first year then I started getting into Gymshark Athletic type stuff

    I couldn’t do my Upper Lower Push Pull Legs and ABS on Saturday split consistently

    You just outgrow planet fitness girls talking on phone on the equipment
    No free weights the young boys in there chillin like their on the block etc

    I pay $180 a month for amenities I need
    I’m pressing time after work at 3 : 30
    So to have all the restroom essentials is a plus “It’s never crowded” 30 people at most on the weight floor. Remember some clubs are like 3 floors a roof and under ground parking garage
    Anyways I have two trainer friends to assist me anytime a plus
    I can join any yoga or group class free as part of the membership a plus Deadlifts are taxing on my back sometimes

    Equinox is honestly for business minded people or aspiring athletes which is how it is when you think about it even with their branding.

    And again it comes down to where you are in life I have two cars paid off so
    $180 is my “imaginary car payment” or
    Better yet an extension to my home because I don’t have a rooftop pool.

  6. People will pay $10 a month forever and not feel bad about not going. The equipment is in good shape because nobody uses it. Basically if the equipment is in good shape the members probably aren’t.

  7. People at planet fitness aren’t there to better themselves. Stupid statement. It is a different crowd, but if you’re at the gym at all you’re obviously trying to better yourself. Or in this case make a dumb video.

  8. Ermmmmm, it’s the way he just took a look at the people at planet fitness and assumes that fitness isn’t a priority to them. What kind of weird judgemental shit is that? 🤢🤢🤢

  9. You doubting someone for going to planet fitness is the reason why I planted fitness is around. It’s not always people that don’t care about their fitness sometimes it’s what people can afford. It’s great for the single parent type of person

  10. Looks like an InShape. A larger one especially as the smallest only have what can fit. We have two in our little city kinda the same size one has an indoor basketball court and the other an Olympic size pool with a steam room and a sauna and a jacuzzi. Not that any one cares lol. Why do I share my thoughts on YouTube all the time?

  11. Equinox is over-rated. I went to one in SOHO in NYC and it’s crowded and you often have to wait to use equipment. The only thing nice? A lot of models come so that’s something to see but also intimidating.

  12. 2:34 he hit the nail on the head, I usually am self motivated and in above average shape for planet fitness standards but there’s times when I feel like could be doing more and having somebody that is better shape than me could push me to try harder and have some sort of benchmark to surpass and kind of like a competition would make things better.

  13. u talking shit bout planet fitness but i see mfs at my local planet fitness that are bigger than you🤣 u don’t need a big ass spectacular gym to make gains, it’s all abt the mindset u Bozo.

  14. Hey Planet Fitness, especially in New York!!!! its called Flushiiiiing, Yeeessss, Flushiiiiiiing!!!!!!

  15. Remember that an expensive gym just comes with more amenities. Everyone’s perspective of a fit body is different so you should join gym’s that cater to the needs you require. A cheap gym that has what you need will do fine because fitness is how far you want to progress. If you want to be a pro athlete, an expensive gym could offer you more machines that cater to specific muscle groups. However, even a cheaper gym can have the machines you need. An expensive gym caters to people who want a luxury experience when working out and not necessarily the fitness aspect.

  16. That “luxury” gym looked slightly below average space and room wise. Only the locker rooms with the towels were nice .

    I like large gyms with huge ceilings and massive space like like 24 hour and la fitness. Planet fitness was not to bad if they removed the restrictions and added a few more things.

  17. Damn who are To say they don’t want something better their obviously their trying you just need to learn to keep your opinions about other people to yourself and stick to something else .. I was liking your video until you started to bash people you get a thumbs down from me

  18. That expensive gym only has a nice bathroom. I’ve seen all those machines and more at 24, LA, and UFC.

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