20 Minute Walk at Home Exercise | Fitness Videos

20 Minute Walk at Home Exercise | Fitness Videos

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Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone® is a YouTube channel for at home walking workouts and fitness exercises. Join the Walk at Home crew on mile walk workouts, fat burning workouts, workout plans and more. We also love to post videos on strength training, cardio exercises, fast and easy workouts, firming routines, and more! Make sure you hit the subscribe button and turn on the “bell” icon 🔔 for notifications on new workout videos. Say hello in the comments too! 👋Happy walking!

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  2. I was sweating A LOT like I was doing a high intensity workout but without feeling like I was dying. This is the best exercise by far. 👍 Thank you, Leslie and team!

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  6. Je suis fan de vos cours 😀
    Pourtant je suis pas du tout sportive
    Je trouve que c est accessible à tout le monde !! Bravo 👏
    J adore eeee

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  8. I love your Dream Team Leslie. I and my husband do the 3 mile walk almost 4 times a day and we have fun and sweat it out each time. Thanks for initiating such healthy lifestyle video. More blessings to you all!

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  11. Just discovered these walk DVD’s ….I’m getting on a bit but more or less managed to keep up. Great motivator and I could do it at home!

  12. Thank you so much Ms. Leslie Sansone. I love all your videos and it really helps me especially now in pandemic era. Your exercise programs helped me in my healthy diet. More power and GOD bless😘

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