21 Exercises YOU NEED In Your Program

21 Exercises YOU NEED In Your Program

Have a hard time building muscle? Today we’re going over the 21 exercises that everyone needs to have in their program if they’re serious about building muscle!


FULL GYM PROGRAM: https://bit.ly/fullgymprogram

30 DAY GARAGE PROGRAM: https://bit.ly/3igtiIF

The biggest takeaway I hope you walk away with is that when it comes to packing on mass you need to be hyper-targeted with your training. You can’t simply pick things up and set them down and expect to grow. You need to make sure that every exercise you do is done in a way that really hits the muscle you want, that’s the only way you’re going to consistently make gains in the gym.

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  1. Help me out. Let’s say it’s back/shoulders/biceps. I’m aiming for 20-30 reps per set (5 sets?) and 3 exercises each and drop set throughout?

  2. I have amended my gym plan to 20 reps per set for 5 sets, and the results are a lot better than the heavy 8-10 reps for 5 sets that I was doing for 4 months and getting limited results from. Thanks Ryan

  3. Gee… man… stop it! I’m trying to get some information here! I can’t remember a thing if you make me laugh so hard 😉

  4. Ryan! This! You’ve earned yourself a bowl of Reese’s puffs!
    I’m duck footed so your variation of leg curls have definitely helped sir thanks! 👊🏿

  5. I ordered the workouts off him. The PPL and 30 day workout and not done the PPL one yet but I’m into my 3rd week of the 30 day routine and it’s no joke but well work $20/£15.

  6. This is probably a dumb question, but if I purchase one of the programs(garage one specifically) will it go away after a certain amount of days, or do I get to keep watching it until I’m as swole as this Ryan guy?

  7. I’m in the military and in my 40s. Bad combination. I still like to lift. I like the way this guy breaks down the exercises and doesn’t always preach “go heavy or go home” because my joints will go home if heavy is the only option. Share this man’s advice. For real

  8. For biceps, I fell in love with curls with an e-z bar while lying on the floor. Keep the head down and only lower the bar half-way and pump for dear life until I’m about to pass out (10 X 20 or so). Very effective.

  9. I scared my wife with bursts of laughter!…. over a fitness video! Dude… when are you starting you stand up comedy tour??? BTW: Thank for the motivation.

  10. Hey man you’ve got an issue with the link to the ppl split. I just went to get it and can’t get on the website

  11. Hi Ryan- I love your videos. They are just about the right length to watch while taking a dump and they make it so much more pleasurable. thanks again.

  12. If your not signed up and participating in the ppl program ……
    You have NO idea what kind of an ass kicking your missing out on!
    Your programs have made a difference for this 58 year old fart.
    They / you keep me coming back!
    AWESOME!!!! 🤓🤙🇺🇸☀️

  13. Working out for two months strictly on your advice and I’ve grown significantly more than my previous joke of an attempt! Whistle in the wind joke made me spit my smoothie king out. LMAO jk who tf drinks that bs

  14. 3m50sec – we need to see an uncut version of deadlifts sets with that many reps. Just because 😜 Great video!

  15. Me after leg day 2 on PPL program: "That wasnt too bad, I’ll feel that tomorrow" tries to catch keys going down stairs. Slips and lands face first at the bottom.
    Random girl at top of stairs: Oh my god are you okay?
    Random girl 2: Are you dead!?
    Me: No…..
    Random girl 1: Did you break anything?
    Me:…. My pride
    Random girl 2: You just gonna lay there for a second?
    Random girl 1: are you gonna cry?
    Me: Maybe when I get up
    Continues to get up and walk out without even looking at either of them

  16. My day can never go wrong listening to you and making me think, wow, I’m still small but slowly gaining every year.

  17. You missed your vocation man , I have just stumble across your video and am so impressed with your genuine enthusiasm for what you talk about. You get to the point of what is necessary with humours candour and facts….a rare quality in your industry.
    I don’t usually comment on videos , but man keep up the great content and witticisms….Joe Rogan eat your heart out….all due respect to the man… lol

  18. Hey Ryan. Love the videos. Very informative with your special brand of humor. After a 12-14 hour/day driving I’m so dead tired b/c I’m so out of shape and old doesn’t seem I have a lot of motivation to workout. I want to start getting back into it and I think your videos are the right stuff to get growing the good and lose the bad. Thx!!

  19. How many sets and reps do you recommend for a relative beginner. Only been going to the gym for a few months and atm i usually do 3 sets of 12 reps for most excercises.

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