6 Minute 6 Pack ABS Workout Exercise for Beginners, Teens & Adults/trening for nybegynnere

6 Minute 6 Pack ABS Workout Exercise for Beginners, Teens & Adults/trening for nybegynnere

Get ready for one of the best and challenging Workout of your LIFE! Let’s do this! 💪🏻

The best exercises for Beginners/Teens & Athletes and Adults!
➡️ https://goo.gl/iMusVc

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Hi, welcome to my channel.
My name is Danny,
I am 14 years old and I love baseball.
We all need daily exercise to stay in shape.
💪🏻We have created an easy and fun workout for all ages, teens and adults that can help burn extra calories and provide a healthy mindset.
👉🏼 Do these exercises 4-5 days a week
⭐️ I hope my workout videos will help you.
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🔹🔸Good Luck and lets begin! 🔸🔹
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✘ I N S T A G R A M ✘

Good Luck and lets begin!
➡️ The best Exercises https://goo.gl/iMusVc
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  1. I did this work out once, and i started to notice like outlines of abs, I’m here cause my brother says im really weak, i want to prove him wrong!

  2. wait if you run you lose weight but do you get a 6-pack?? because i run alot and i kinda have a 6-pack and in only 10 years old

  3. Thanks for the work out I can lift my 130 pound sister and I am only 12 almost 13. Thanks for the workouts!

  4. This is an impressive young man. I like this one better than the longer 12 minute video because it is a great workout and there are no ads. Maybe it is considered too short for ads to be stuck in it.

  5. How do you do it so good I’m trying to do it but it’s not working but the music is is bad tho so I just mute

  6. update been doing this twice a day for a month now with a couple of extra workouts and have lost around 10ish pounds GOD I love working out

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