6 NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS TIPS | healthy + sustainable

6 NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS TIPS | healthy + sustainable

Learn 6 natural weight loss tips that helped me lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Weight loss can be a mental and emotional practice as well as a physical one! 6-Week Mind + Body Weightloss Course ➡️ https://thedontdiet.com/

In this video, I am sharing some of the tips that helped me mentally, on my weight loss journey.

The Don’t Diet is a 6-week step-by-step mind + body weight loss course for women and men who want to stop beating themselves up and are ready to love their bodies, enjoy their food and lose weight in a kind, sustainable way. ➡️ https://thedontdiet.com/

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  1. please make more videos like this 💘 its a life saver!. you get to the point & its just the right video for me. thankyou

  2. I’ve lost lots of weight, I started at 289 an now I’m around 203-206 and I’m starting to eat very little to get rest of it off. I started in 2012 at 289 now 2021 I’m 206 or 203 going towards 170.

  3. "you know whether or not you’ve been successful that day by your ability to honor the commitment you’ve made to yourself" i TRULY needed to hear that!!!

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  5. Love this, we do have so many blocks in our subconscious that can really get in our way of permanent weight loss. Enjoyed your video topic 😀

  6. I NEEDED THIS VIDEO TODAY! I was being so negative and "rejective" even though I reflect a lot, I get in my head too much and end up being sad and mean to myself for "cheating".

  7. Hi 😀. I just wanted to say WELL DONE! This is the 2nd video of yours I’ve watched & you do such a great job.👏👏👏❤️.
    I am an anti inflammatory lifestyle coach & am 100% in line with your thoughts here. Gratitude is a huge pillar for me, as are fascination with how amazing we are. We are these beautiful chemistry sets & our minds, bodies & spirits are endless sources of wonder which can never be separated from each other.
    Having grown up on diets I do not call the way I eat a diet at all, it’s a paradigm shift, which you explain beautifully.
    Unprocessed emotions as well as stress are both highly inflammatory leading to water retention, weight gain, & almost every disease or discomfort from acne to cancer & everything in between.❤️

  8. I eat tons of vegetables as a pita at lunch – and hit the gym on the way home from work on weekdays. I don’t really bother cooking supper and have a salad or a sub-wrap. However – it’s socialization, dating and weekends that kills it.

    Quitting drinking helps – no hangovers interfering with the gym, no booze calories, no pub food, no hangover breakfast. I don’t keep any foods that I shouldn’t be eating in my house.

    However, my mindset is probably – “I’m old and fat and hate myself.” Which could be remedied.

    Dating is all booze, cooking, happy hours, eating, being lazy together and staying up too late. I feel my fitness goals are constantly sabotaged by requests of my already limited time.

  9. I feel as weight loss can make many people happy, because I HATE my body I’ve tried to feel like my body was excepted but also that mixed with my social anxiety problems probably is why I hate my body.

  10. "I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you."

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  12. Very interesting video. Losing weight efficiently is possible. There is a new method that is giving me very good results. 👌

  13. Is loosing weight still your top priority for 2021? watch short review video in my channel to see how I lost 16 pounds in 30 days, as I finally found a solution that targets weight loss in 5 different ways after struggling with unwanted weight for years. Don’t just read/watch all the success stories, become one.

  14. Hey! I loved the video! It’s so informative! I added it to the latest article on my blog. Feel free to check it out.

  15. Have you heard of estrogen dominance? My allergist just told me about it and the effects it can have. He thinks I have it so now learning all I can on clean eatting.

  16. Hey you need not to worry I also put on 17 kg in this lockdown and 3 months back when Emirates started hiring cabin crew (which is my dream job) I got desperate about it and lost 13 kgs in months. U just have to follow a particular routine and be consistent

  17. The shape of the kidneys resembles a person doing sit-ups.

    Isn’t "sit-up" the most effective belly fat loss exercise?

    So people with a fatty belly may have their kidneys at risk.

    Sit-ups can be the most ideal exercise for kidney health.

    The secret to losing weight may be kidney health.

    Considering the fat-burning effect of drinking plenty of water, the odds of my thinking being correct are getting stronger.

    Perhaps the most effective weight loss method is to do lots of sit-ups by drinking plenty of water.

    The kidneys are on either side of the "waist".

    Fat people have a fat and thick "waist".

    I continue to reason: All fruits and vegetables that are beneficial for the kidneys can make you lose weight.

    Cut the orange ,tangerine or lemon in half sideways.

    Almost the same as the kidney section.

    Orange ,tangerine,lemon and all similar citrus fruits can be excellent healing for the kidneys.

  18. my mental health was actually becoming better but my antidepressants made me gain 50 pounds and I just want to fit the clothes I love again and I can’t afford to just buy a new wardrobe.

  19. 🙄🙄 mera weight 76kg , humne koi nuksa koi Dr nahi shoda, humara relative ne 1 Baid ji ka bataya jo desi dawa deta hai, Umeed 0% thi par maina 4 month dawa lLi to 76kg se 50kg ho gaya ab

  20. I think all are looking for an exercise without pressure right…I did found out one …I hope you can …look for it you can…you can try this if you want to..I did try this and get a great result…first everyone did made fun of me and now amazed looking at me …let me know if you want to

  21. Wow- I am actually surprised it Was not the average tips I hear so often. Lots of food for thought! Really great tips I had not heard from any other person!

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