1. I was told by my doctor not to adhere to the keto diet because it’s risky. He said I should eat a balanced diet so I tried the Agoge diet and I am starting noticing less stubborn belly fat really fast.

  2. Good bang length….but she will to trim it very often to maintain such hair sexiness…
    We are so health conscious , it is crazy….trying so hard to be healthy….beats unhealthy , yes….
    It takes away our purpose of life…..It is not about living longer and healthier…..we will die…
    Back then , people live shorter lives and they felt a sense of "Urgency" to come up with the Point of Life….

  3. Animal fat is not the only fat that Keto consumes…avocado is high in fat…that is not meat! And yes, Keto is sustainable…just like all my vegan friends who have been vegan for 20 years…eliminating a food group IS sustainable… vegans and vegetarians have been doing it for years…as have the people who can’t eat gluten…or people who have food allergies! How is this any different?

  4. I tried all diets and only seen great results with the Agoge diet. You can find it on Google if you wanna lose fat.

  5. The Agoge diet works great and you feel great, in contrast to the keto diet. Keto isn’t supposed to be adhered to by healthy people and without medical supervision.

  6. In my opinion the *Agoge diet* is the best diet available, you get rid of fat fast and feel energetic.

  7. I have followed the ketogenic diet for a year and a half and have reduced my A1C continually (although slowly) to a very normal range. I do eat 20 plus grams of lower carbs per day and moderate meat, good fats like coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil (love avocados as well). I don’t have sugar, flour or dairy but love nuts. I have also followed the Ketotarian( ketogenic with some vegetarian – it includes eggs, fish and sardines. I feel way better, have lost 60 pounds and now have lots of energy. Wish I had done this years about!

  8. Great for blood pressure reduction and reducing obesity! I can see it’s effect myself. More energy, feel fit and trim.

    And it’s very easy to sustain, just cook your own fresh food and stop the processed stuff. Food prep is the key. And use the app too.

    And keto works great for vegetarians and vegan too…just add the fat from your oils.

  9. No need to abuse yourself with keto. It’s just a matter of calories in, calories out. Following a structured and diverse diet like the *Agoge diet* helps a great deal though.

  10. We need enough carbs to fuel our brain. Also when we do anaerobic excercise we burn glucose.
    Sugar is also a body building nutrient
    Keto diet is just to low on carbs for long term health

  11. Keto won’t be healthy if you’re having eggs and bacon every day for breakfast. I lost 50 pounds on keto and it took me more that a year to gain the weight back eating poorly and mainly junk food lol

  12. People should stop promoting the keto diet, it’s not a diet anyone should adhere to without doctor supervision. Everybody should eat a diverse diet and that includes carbs. For me, the *Agoge diet* plan worked wonders, I no longer have visible cellulite and lost significant amounts of fat.

  13. You need carbs in your diet, the keto diet is not sustainable. That’s why I tried the Agoge diet and it worked great for me.

  14. I am on a similar diet (GAPS protocol) to control chronic migraines and mild epilepsy. It works if you stick with it & don’t cheat with grains, starches, and sugars. However, I try to keep my calories up so I don’t stay in ketosis, otherwise I drop too much weight and don’t have enough energy for skiing, hiking, & mountain biking. The important point I want to make is that ketosis can be risky for some people. Please have your liver and kidney function tested before going on a diet like this!

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