Alexandria Industries Family Health & Wellness Clinic

Alexandria Industries Family Health & Wellness Clinic

Alexandria Industries employees get health care benefits that go far beyond typical health insurance provided by other employers. Employees, and their families covered under our health plan, can use our company-owned healthcare clinic totally FREE!

Work with us and get doctor visits, lab tests, vaccinations, prescriptions medication, and much more, FREE! This means extra money in your pocket. You also won’t need to schedule appointments three months out or see different doctors. The staff will know you, your spouse, and your kiddos. Our clinic feels like home, unlike a doctor’s office with ill-crammed waiting areas and stuffy exam rooms. When you work with us, you can experience incredible medical care that will make a difference in your life!

The Alexandria Industries Family Health & Wellness Clinic provides employees and their families’ convenient, private, personalized, medical care for their basic health care needs for things like strep throat, pink eye, ear infection, baby well care, vaccinations, allergy shots, prescription medication, and much more! See for yourself how you could experience better health care, and save money.


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