Best Personal Training Certification 2021 | ISSA vs ACE vs ACSM vs NSCA vs NASM vs INTERNSHIPS

Best Personal Training Certification 2021 | ISSA vs ACE vs ACSM vs NSCA vs NASM vs INTERNSHIPS

In today’s video Show Up Fitness teaches you why you don’t need a certification. You need to SHOW UP and become a personal trainer with a internship
NASM Study Guide:
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This is a collection for people trying to get hired at Equinox / Crunch or any personal training gym:



Beginners workout program:

Sample workouts of the week:

This is a collection for people wanting to become better trainers and increase their knowledge in anatomy:

This is a collection for people trying to become a personal trainer via NASM, NASM tutorials:

Chris Hitchko BS Kinesiology, CSCS, Teacher of trainers at Show Up Fitness (10 years total, 7 at National Personal Training Institute and 3-years at Show Up Fitness Personal Training Internship.) Show Up Fitness has private personal training studios in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and San Diego. California. We’ve helped over 1,000 people pass the NASM-CPT with our study guide. You don’t need to read the textbook or read it from cover to cover. Pass the “best” personal training certification and then spend your time learning anatomy, movement, nutrition, programming and training clients to gain experience. The average certified personal trainer gets hired at Equinox, Lifetime Fitness, 24-hour Fitness, Crunch Fitness and quits within 12-months because they don’t understand the business side of training, programming or how to sell. At Show Up Fitness we teach the key movement patterns: Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Jump, and uni-lateral which translates into the main exercises in the gym: Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, Military Press, Lunge, Hip Thrust, Pull-Up, Push-Up, Turkish Get-up, and dumbbell rows.

Next Personal Training Internship Jan 11th in Santa Monica, West Hollywood, or La Jolla. Classes are 5-days a week at 8am PST ONLINE until 930am and then IN-PERSON at one of our locations for the in-person internship focusing on science of movement and nutrition, sales & assessments / programming and social media.


  1. I am basically looking to acquire knowledge (and get certified) so that I can design (fitness & weight loss) home workouts for virtual training and YouTube channel. I do not have any related education but have 15 yrs of experience of workouts. Could you suggest me any course that comes at a reasonable price? I’d like to do it more for passion than profession.

  2. Hey man I was hoping you could advise me on what you think I should do moving forward. I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology in 2018, came home to work before going back to school, and got certified through NASM to start working at my local gym. I’ve seen enough of your videos to know you are not a huge fan. I understand your issues you have with them. I believe their textbook was a more general overview of content I learned in college which made the exam even easier. The constant pushing for more certifications at their prices is somewhat annoying. I really just wanted a respected, or somewhat respected certification, instead of something you can get at your local gym or weekend class if you have zero experience. With all of that being said, its time to re-certify. Thankfully through my continued education in nursing school, my CEU’s are mostly taken care of with not much extra cost. All it would take is $100 receritfication fee, and I would be covered for 2 more years to train part time on my off days when I start nursing. Given what I know now, I probably would’ve gone with NSCA, but I’m not completely put off with my current certification and don’t want to do another CPT program at this time. I have always been interested in the CSCS and working with athletes at any level, but obviously with my current career path I don’t see that happening in the near future. I like that the CSCS will open up opportunities in the future. Also, I enjoy constantly learning and staying up to date on the applicable knowledge for training either myself or others. I wanted to give you this context to help make an educated decision and hopefully answer some questions. Should I recertify through NASM, and train clients as a side hustle? With an advanced certification like CSCS, do I even need a CPT, and does the CSCS expire like other certs? Is the CSCS worth having if I wouldn’t be applying it in the immediate future? Are you familiar with any careers that combine nursing and information/qualifications I would receive with the CSCS? Thank you for your time!

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