Brain Foods for Brain Health – Boost Brain Health with Good Eats

Brain Foods for Brain Health – Boost Brain Health with Good Eats

Good Food is Good Medicine blog:

Dr. Liz Applegate’s presentation discusses specific foods and dietary supplements that may enhance brain health and transform diet to one that supports healthy aging and memory performance. Dr. Applegate is Director of Sports Nutrition and a Distinguished Lecturer at the University of California, Davis. Her educational focus is eating for optimal health and performance. She writes a column for Runner’s World, appears on national TV & radio and speaks to people of all ages about practical and science based approaches to optimizing oneself through diet.

This lecture is part of UC Davis Health System’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center 2016 Community Lecture Series sponsored by Sunrise Senior Living and Aegis Living. It was delivered live at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, California on November 29, 2016.

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  2. This is very informative. Remember doing this things will help your quality of life. It’ may help you live longer or it may not. Stress can kill you faster than not eating right.

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  5. Watch THE DIMMING. Yes, lifestyle is important. But breathing in strontium, aluminum, and other toxins would predictably cause the prevalence of significant cognitive loss to increase markedly in the past few decades. Please watch THE DIMMING.

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  9. When i was growing up i used to always have headaches.Sitting in a pitch black silent room was the only way out. Then i got into fitness and discovered what blood sugar controls and how it can effect our day to day life. This video got me started with everything i needed and i cant remember my last headache

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  15. What role do medications have in cognitive decline. I’ve been on some medications that have caused brain fog. Do these have a multiplied effect?

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  18. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I notice almost immediately after eating healthy high fat foods like salmon and walnuts, my brain feels less foggy, I feel more clear and my anxiety and general irritability goes down drastically. Diet is (almost) everything!

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  20. so what is the conclusion , i cant watch the 1 hour video . does anyone know the simplified conclusion?

  21. This is manipulative propaganda.. I wonder which sector of the All new Mental Health dept does she represent.

  22. She’s intelligent yes. But she can’t fool me with this. I can lecture her on how well the brain can perform.

  23. So what to eat to stay healthy ?? And what kind of oil is good for cooking? Or should i eat plants all day long? :/

  24. Thanks for sharing! To add to this, nutrition deficiencies can cause anxiety!  For example, low vitamin D.  You may not get enough from the sun, so you can go on a sunny vacation, buy a sun lamp, or supplement in the winter with 2000 IU/day!  If you choose to supplement, just make sure you check with your dietitian/healthcare provider to make sure it’s safe for you!


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