Can I Drink Diet Coke / Coke Zero on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)? – Dr.Berg

Can I Drink Diet Coke / Coke Zero on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)? – Dr.Berg

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about consuming diet soda in a ketogenic diet. Diet coke, coke zero and coke zero sugar have the same ingredients except for other sweeteners. It has aspartame which affects the gut, increase the risk for insulin resistance and diabetes. It also has caramel coloring where they heat sugar with an ammonia compound to produce an end product called AGE or Advanced Glycation Endproducts, which creates sticky proteins in the body.

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Dr. Berg, 56 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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  1. Thank you Dr. Eric for you well explained video. I really like Fanta Zero, and I wondering if it affects my keto diet. It contains Aspartame. I’ve read that aspartame comes in different solutions: pure, in sugar form, etc. And that some of these solutions can kick you out of ketose, and others not. What I then tried to do was test my glucose before the fanta zero. I got a glucose level of 86. Then drinked the can of fanta zero and waited 30 minutes. I retested my glucose levels and it remained exactly at 86. Does that mean I can safely drink it while doing keto (moderately of course). I’d usually drink one can (250 ml) during workday lunches

  2. At the very end he says get the diet soda with stevia, monk fruit, or erythritol. I have never seen those, everything I’ve seen has aspartame. Can anyone name any brand or soda that has those?

  3. Oh no I just finished my Diet Coke can and decided to watch this. And I’m on keto diet 😔 did I mess up ketosis?

  4. Aspartame can be carcinogenic, starting at a dose equivalent to 600 cans per day. Amazing what you can show with animal studies.

  5. Just to add, the berry flavour Stevia drops also have loads of other flavors.. cola too! mix it with soda water for a much healthier alternative 😁

  6. I would rather drink regular soda than diet soda with aspartam. It’s not so bad to cheat once or twice a week if you eat healthy the other days. I like to enjoy cider on Fridays. Definitely not keto but you can jump in and out. The rest of the week I drink nothing but tea, water and coffee.

  7. my goodness! i see now where the problem was – I kept drinking diet sodas and thought it has no sugar – so I’m good – but nope it turns out i was very wrong.

  8. I drink Coke Zero and stay in ketosis. Just focus on getting keto right, before you worry about coke zero’s effects on your teeth in 40 years, etc. People that say “I’m getting healthy, therefore I have to quit everything overnight” always fall off the wagon and get none of it right.

  9. Diet Coke or Coke Zero is keto – friendly so you can actually drink it , I drank it and I’m fine , I’m in ketosis and it won’t kick you out. It’s 80% SAFE.

  10. I suggest buying a soda stream and making your own soda! I use fresh fruit like blackberries and strawberry with lemons and limes!! It’s sooooo good!!

  11. so bottom line is diet soda isnt good for you either…good to know since ive been dirnking 4 a day for the last year or so. i mean i know its not healthy but its better than normal sugar at least i thought and sometimes i need flavour in my drinks water just doesnt do it after awhile

  12. The aftertaste from Stevia I find so disgusting and long lasting I’d rather drink water. But my wife doesn’t have that problem so I guess its different from one person to the other. I also get a very strange taste on my tongue from Pine Nuts. If they put that on my salad I won’t eat it.

  13. This has been tested and found not to be the case. check this video out on youtube. This man consumes diet soda and checks his ketone levels and it is unaffected. Diet Coke | Is it Keto Friendly? – YouTube

  14. Listen ive been drinking sodas since i was a few months old. Now im in keto, a little bit of diet soda here and there won’t freaking kill me. So ya people need to calm down

  15. I’m drinking whatever zero calories, zero carb, zero sodium I want…. if one of these is going to keep me from eating a bag of chocolate-covered peanuts I’m doing it, I am so tired of this….sick of this but not that….I’m doing just fine

  16. Well I disagree with that I have at least 1 soda per day Usually A01. Everybody’s different well I got a good report and no longer prediabetic matire levels are better my liver enzymes are better and I am losing weight

  17. Thank you! I just bought a diet coke for caffeine…and I’m grossed out. LOL…I don’t want to finish it now.

  18. Coke Zero is just fine. Doesn’t kick you out of ketosis. These are very minor issues. Don’t suddenly turn into a Mormon/cut everything out at once, that’s where people meltdown. Too much willpower exerted at one time.

  19. I had a zevia soda and it tasted like garbage. I now do erythritol with vodka & fresh squeezed lemon/lime juice. To change up I may use the same plus polar ice seltzer.

  20. Don’t tell me what I can’t drink please tell me what I can drink so far it’s just water and lemons please give me some more options

  21. Why does my diabetic friend who monitors insulin throughout the day not see any changes with the diet cokes she drinks? According to your statement there should be spikes. She has a permanent monitor that data maps everything to an app. Its pretty accurate?

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