Can You Guess the Correct Logo? | Memory Challenge | This or That Brain Break Trivia

Can You Guess the Correct Logo? | Memory Challenge | This or That Brain Break Trivia

🧡Can You Guess The Correct Logo? Fitness Trivia Brain Break Challenge. A brain teaser quiz everyone can enjoy!

Decide which logo is correct. Look at the logos and select the correct logo by performing one of the two listed answer choice exercises for 20 seconds! The correct answer will be revealed after the 20 second exercise following a 10 second rest with a new logo. You will receive one point for each round that you get correct.
There are 10 total rounds.

And remember the best hustle is the Fitness Hustle!

#thisorthat #memorychallenge #BrainBreak

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⭐️Intro 0:00
⭐️Skip Intro & Start Round 1 0:27
⭐️Round 2 -1:12
⭐️Round 3 – 1:52
⭐️Round 4 – 2:32
⭐️Round 5 – 3:12
⭐️Round 6 – 3:52
⭐️Round 7 – 4:32
⭐️Round 8 – 5:12
⭐️Round 9 – 5:52
⭐️Round 10 – 6:32
⭐️Final Results 7:12
⭐️Shoutouts: 7:22


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  1. 10/10. I know my logos.(it helps to make up things to remember them, like Nike is a dab and so on)

  2. Great video! Shout out to Ms. Cox’s 4th grade class at Lord Dufferin Public School in Toronto, ON, Canada! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

  3. Hi all – We love your videos! We are Ms. Falco & Ms. Wu’s 3rd grade class in Queens, NY!

  4. My class loved it! Mr. Allicock PK-5 PE class at P.S. 289 George V. Brower School, NY would love a shoutout!

  5. I live in America and I live in an apartment and I live in Strongsville as well blah blah blah and I lost two times or 3

  6. My class loved this Video. Please give us a shoutout. Class 2AS in Brooklyn, New York. P.S 23K is our school. Thanks!

  7. I like the voice its cute and my class did it all together Toronto ON Ms Chovvite PE Class

  8. Thank you for the shoutout! Your channel kept my students moving during online learning!

  9. Thanks for keeping us fit during the pandemic! Ms. Finley’s third grade class from Chicago, IL.

  10. Gracias por hacer este ecercicio nos gusta con todo el corazon. –Mrs. Carrillo’s 1st grade class Racine WI

  11. Thank you Fitness Hustle. We love your videos. Give us another shout out, please. Ms. Boggs, 2nd Grade Los Cerritos Elementary School, Long Beach, CA.

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