Chick-fil-A Diet Frosted Lemonade Review (& Nutritional Info)

Chick-fil-A Diet Frosted Lemonade Review (& Nutritional Info)

Maybe you haven’t heard that Chick-fil-A has a new frosted lemonade on their menu. Or maybe you have heard and you’ve been DYING to try it, like me! Well, today I finally made my way to the new Chick-fil-A near my house to test out what the DIET version of this frosted lemonade is all about. Here’s the nutritional information listed on their website:

Calories- 240
Fat- 6g
Fiber- 0g
Sugars- 39g
Protein- 6g

Calories- 330
Fat- 6g
Fiber- 0g
Sugars- 63g
Protein- 6g

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  1. The closest Chick-fil-A is 50+ miles away, so I blended some vanilla ice cream and pink lemonade together, and it tasted good.

  2. I had the regular version of the Frosted Lemonade for the first time last week. I reacted just like you when I tasted it! I was like " this ( expletive ) is ( expletive ) good!" LMFAO!

  3. I worked at a chick fil a, and I can tell you there is no "fresh" about it. The employees really do squeeze the lemons every day, sometimes twice a day. It truly is fresh as fresh can be.

  4. Yes! They are delicious!! We also have a Chick-fil-A close to our house and they are addictive!!! So good!! I’ve also only tried the diet one 🙂

  5. I work at a chick fil  a  and I  try it with the orange juice  but i just fulled the cup half way with the juice. and just used more icecream it tasted just like a orange cream pop flavor.  The  frosted lemonada  2  me was okay i am not really a big pulp fan. Beacuse we leave the pulp in the juice when we squeeze the lemons.

  6. I tried the regular sugar one and it was delicious.  It’s not bitter either which is what I expected with the lemonade.  I will be going back.  It is scary because Chick-fil-A is behind the mall which I live right across the street from the Regency Square Mall in Jacksonville, FL.  I might have to have one of those this Saturday.  It’s walkable from my apartment, too!

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