Close-Up on Nutrition: Eating an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Close-Up on Nutrition: Eating an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Close-Up on Nutrition: Eating an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Jean LaMantia, RD
Anti-inflammatory diets are widely regarded as healthy. Learn about the variety of foods that ease inflammation and cooking methods that can enhance a food’s nutritional properties. Due to its popularity as a topic of interest, this session will be repeated on Sunday during Breakout Session Three.


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  2. I am appalled that you would recommend and use canola oil. I have done my research and I’ve learned that canola oil is a GMO product (genetically modified), that it negatively affects heart health, that in using it, you could eventually have brain issues, such as Alzheimer’s and that the way it is processed (using solvents, such as hexane), could negatively affect your health. Do your research.

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  7. I have metatastic cancer, and though I disagree with the recommended oils, as olive oil is my go-to, I liked the rest of this talk, as I need frequent reminders and motivation

  8. You’re talking about anti inflammatory diet and then recommend a diet high in gluten. Gluten is one of the biggest inflammatory .,.

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  13. Too general. Needs updating re; Cooking 3’s.. Where she should go into detail and specify..she does, omega 3’s, briefly touches on fiber. No mentions of microbiome for immune..or supplement..importance if vit d for inflammation. Was going to recommend this video friends with breast cancer, just starting to make nutritional changes. However, will not be recommending, to make sure they are not misled.

  14. The best way to get your omega-3s is to eat small fish like sardines, horse mackerel, herring, small trout. These fish are small and contains small safe amount of mercury, so they are much healthier.

  15. Regarding meats, pasture-raised grass-fed animals have many times more omega-3 than conventional grain/soy fed animals, as well as other nutrients. Also, how you cook meat makes a huge difference. Grilling and frying create lots of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which are highly inflammatory. Poaching and braising don’t create much AGEs. When making stews, skip the browning; it is not necessary.

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  19. Most people appreciate what they hear due to the lecturer’s clothes or due to his or her external appearance. THEY CANNOT KNOW WHAT IS ESSENTIAL AND MISSING. I learned to believe to what most outsider doctors OR LAWYERS say. And RD is Registered Dietitian. SHE IS NOT AN M.D.

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  21. One good dr says to eat whole food plant based diet..another good dr. says carnivore is the way to eat..i do not know which way to eat😥😒

  22. Linoleic acid (omega-6) is the major poly-unsaturated fatty acid found in soy oil.
    The polyunsaturated fats in canola oil include 21% linoleic acid — more commonly known as omega-6 fatty acid — and 11% alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type of omega-3 fatty acid.
    Chia seeds and flax seeds are good plant sources of omega-3, with low omega-6. Forget soy and canola. Best to soak chia seeds and to freshly grind flax seeds. Never buy flax already ground. Polyunsaturated oils are unstable and easily oxidized.

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  24. Hello from Norway 🇳🇴, The Gerson therapy by Dr Patrick Vickers, and also (1908-2003). When Dr. Johanna Budwig, “the woman who first discovered the existence of both Omega-3s fatty acids and trans fats”. The Budwig diet. They will explain how to use omega 3s. Thanks 😊 Om shanti Kaveri Om 🕉

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  26. Why is there no discussion of plant-based alternative to seafood, like seaweed and DHA supplements made from algae? Other than that, a great talk that I listed to in its entirety. My diet is pretty close to what she is recommending, albeit a plant-based version.

  27. The weirdo anecdotes about her daughters went down like lead with the audience and signalled immediately that she lacks self awareness.

    Her touting of terrible oils showed that she doesn’t know the basics of nutrition. Did she get her nutrition degree online?

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  29. Do natural popular lose weight method like Okibetonic Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We have heard several awesome things about this popular weight loss secrets.

  30. One of those cardiovascular heart specialist said if you’re going to eat anything to eat lard cuz it don’t turn to Malahide or something I don’t know if I said that right but you know what I’m talking about if anybody knows anything about when you heat up oil it turns to a certain chemical

  31. info is old.

    whole grain is not necessarily good for you.
    lectins, including gluten, gliadin, wheat germ aglutanin all pry open your intestinal walls and causes leaks and invasions, which all cause chronic inflammation, the very thing she’s saying is so bad.

    When people just claim X without backing it up with reasons and mechanisms, you know that’s where to look as a lawyer/critical thinker to find potential contradictions.

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