1. Hi!! Your channel is a godsend to ALL nutrition and dietetics students huhu. I really needed this for my review and your lessons are easy to understand. I hope that you make more nutrition related videos, especially medical nutrition therapy

  2. It’s really an excellent explanation mam. I am clear with all these things. Thank you very much for this Video!! 💯💯💯

  3. thank you so much for having this on youtube. I was late to my HEC 231class yesterday. This video has helped me so much. I will be watching your other vidoes. thanks nursing student.

  4. Hi, I am a nursing student and your videos have been a great help. Is it possible to get the Power point version of them? thank you!

  5. Is this based on the book “Nutrition from science to you” by Joan Salga Blake and Kathy D Munoz and Stella Volpe

  6. Hello
    Thanks for these usefull easy to understand lectures!
    I was wondering what happens to fat digestion after gallbladder removal in some patients

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