1. Aha, I saw a video around a week ago with this only one exercise repeated around 100 times and the "trainer" said if we do this everyday we can have a bubble butt… I believed

  2. I haven’t watch the video yet but I must be doing something wrong because my butt does not seem to be growing despite all my extra work πŸ˜’

  3. Guys im gonna just save you from yourself. The thing bout workout is just to be persistence, yes there is more efficient ways to gain more from a workout but regardless if u dont even keep it up, why continue.

  4. Helpful video. Please position camera closer and on a level more parallel with body parts you emphasize..provide solid background, too. Thanks.

  5. Thank you, I tried to start incorporating this exercise and it just didn’t feel right. Glad I watched this before I continued to kept doing it wrong.

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  7. Funny he says it doesnt help the buttox because i personally know it does…plus years ago j lo used this to maximize her booty

  8. Lol of course there’s load on the glute! You think your leg is weightless? DK’s are a great bum building exercise.

  9. I’ve been able to build my booty by solely doing this exercise while standing. I’ve actually lost fat everywhere else so it’s not just excess fat from weight gain that made that happen. I do hiit cardio 5 times a week, abs, and swear by these to make and keep my booty plump. I don’t do anything else because this exercise has been able to keep my thighs from growing while increasing the perkiness in my butt. Just wanted to say that for anyone who might’ve gotten discouraged

  10. Listen donkey kicks is top 5 glute growing workouts, especially at the end of the workout when you superset it with high reps

  11. Geez dude, don’t lie to these people. This exercise is amazing for growing you butt, and it helps give the nice rounded shape. This is the best exercise ever.

  12. Getting down on my forearms for my donkey kicks changed my bum, I have so much more control and I really feel that squeeze, I also added 2.5 lbs ankle weights

  13. I was doing donkey kicks from past 4 days & had severe painπŸ˜”πŸ˜” in my back
    Thank you πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I rectified my mistake ❀

  14. you cna perform glute kick back in the gym with quad machine .instead of sitting in teh machine you get on the ground place you foot on the pedal backwqards and kick back . o the ground this adds alot more weight , resistance

  15. Why wouldn’t this build the glutes? If you do these on the cable machine with weights, they do build your glutes.

  16. Im kind of lost when I heard how it powers the glutes and heard how it activates glutes when done correctly but then heard right after it does nothing for the but…. the main thing I got from this is don’t flail your back around to prevent injury.

  17. Sooo if someone wants to grow their butt,lift and tone it but cant afford to go to the gym? What exercises can u do at home ??

  18. Omg i hate how these fitness girls tell u to do all these booty training exercizes and then eveeeeeryone is doing them and then someone just tells me "ya its all just not helping" lol so frustrating

  19. He sounds really negative . He should tell you how to build your butt instead of just saying you’re doing it wrong ! Bad teaching

  20. Awesome… was rushing them so sometimes was getting the wrong pose… thanks really helpful 😍😍

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