WHY I WAS EATING 500 CALORIES A DAY for a MONTH | Lacking motivation + My Intolerances

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Soooo the TRUTH IS OUT! This is a hard video to post, partly because I didn’t mean for this to happen but also because I DON’T RECOMMEND DOING THIS. This happened because I was feeling low and unmotivated over the past month and hardly ate anything. It showed me how it is to go through an eating disorder, as this was something that I did for a month and I’m still struggling to start eating enough again.


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  1. Me and my wife both lost 14-16 pounds 6.8kg in 16 days. Eating 400-500 calories a day average. We started added protein shakes between meals and are now at 900 calories a day.. We had no negative symptoms. but are going to go up the the recommended minimum of 1,200 for females and 1500 for males. It is Calories in and Calories out. We will not loss weight so fast. But we will start walking a hour a day to make up for the extra calories threw cardio. This Diet has brought us closer and made us happier. Greg Doucette on YouTube changed are lives forever and his Cookbook 2.0.. we have never been hungry. the issue is we cant stuff that much health food into ourselves. lol and it’s better then hot pockets and pizza rolls all day.

    Maybe you didn’t know fast food is very dense in calories. it is 100% Calories in and Calories out. 32 years old and tried all the stupid diets. but a little bite is more then you think so you didn’t loose weight. if you don’t track your calories on purpose you will over eat easily.

  2. I wouldn’t do this for more than 2-3 weeks! after that slowly increase your calorie intake by 200kcal over the span of several days, and you should take a multivitamin (you might also need a magnesium supplement) while on VLCD (ie. Very Low Calorie Diet), and use the 500kcal to fill up on protein and veges. You can either split it into two 250kcal meals, or just eat one 500kcal meal in the evening). Make sure you’re getting enough salt and potassium as well. I’ve done this a few times (when I quickly need to shed 7-8 pounds of holiday weight gain), and nothing else gets me back in shape faster. I also walk an hour a day (at a comfortable pace), plug in my earphones and listen to my favorite music. It just needs to be done right (no longer than 2-3 weeks, and supplement with vitamins so you don’t feel like crap and lose your hair). The only negative side effect I’ve had eating 500kcal a day for 3 weeks is insomnia (it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to sleep on a very empty stomach), but supplementing on magnesium and eating my meal closer to bedtime helped.

  3. what I did to lose weight safely is that I cut back on all sodas, ice creams, candy, and unhealthy snacks. I’ll eat 400 calories one day, but the next I’ll eat normally (small portions though), and I continue that pattern. I also work out every day, and Mondays/Wednesdays I have volleyball practice for 2 hours, so that’s like extra exercise. Apart from volleyball though, I try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day if not more. Also, green tea helps metabolism a lot. In a month, I’ve gone from weighing 155 to 135.

  4. I used to do this and still do – for the past 2 months i’ve been eating less then 1000 cals but occasionally eating 1200 cals on weekends to boost my metabolism, im very moody and very tired all the time but I have lost 10kg in this process and while it may be an ed.. idk. but I used to want to workout but as soon as I started doing this I stopped exercising

  5. I was depressed last year and lost 3 stone in the space of 4-5 months. I was already tiny. I just couldn’t eat at all it made me feel sick and when I did I would throw up straight after. I went from a healthy 9.5 stone to a sickly 6.5 stone. I was so pale and weak I felt my body shutting down but I just couldn’t eat. Now a year on I have the opposite problem. I’ve put the 3 stone back on with even more weight and can’t stop binge eating now. I have bpd and ptsd so I’m not sure if that contributes to my eating habits changing so much but yeah it’s annoying as hell. When I was thin all I wanted was my boobs and bum back and now I’m overweight I hate them again lol. Just can’t win there’s never a healthy balance for me

  6. I have been dieting for a while now and I have found 500 calories a day for seven days every so often is a great morale booster because you drop weight quickly. Ofcourse it shouldnt be a regular thing. I have been dieting for about 9 months and have done a 500 calorie a day week about three or four times. I recommend it for people who find themselves discouraged from time to time

  7. For anyone wonder this diet does work. I lost around 50 pound within 6 months last year. Although I lost a TON of hair. So be aware everyone

  8. I did this. Lost 20lbs in 5 weeks . My hair feel like CRAZY. Hairs everywhere. Washer, when i swept, clogged the shower several times. I had to go to the doctor. This lasted about 5 months. Im not bald, but i had a TON of hair, now its pretty thin.

  9. I did this but unfortunately I gained all the weight back 😖🥺😭but I don’t think you gain weight if you eat healthy food for 2-3 months after this diet I’m thinking of starting again I hope I can 🤞Best wishes to all those who started the diet 🥺❤️

  10. Meh. In my 20s, I ate 1 Lean Cuisine a day then spent 30 minutes on the bike, 30 minutes lifting weights, 30 minutes swimming laps. Every day. I lost 60 pounds in 6 months. I did not lose any hair.
    I’m 55 now, have arthritis & can’t do the cardio anymore. I’ve also finally got diagnosed as hypothyroid. I’ve never been able to eat more than 800 calories (or less) a day without gaining weight so 500 calories a day is easy for me & not hard on my body. I’m hungry & exhausted all the time but I have to lose 40 lbs & absolutely nothing else has ever worked. OMAD, 500 calories.

  11. All i wanted to know is how much she lost and she’s delaying that part to the point i dont wanna watch the rest of this vid. Its very personalized and unrelatable (discusses her own intolerance rather than how much weight she lost eating 500 calories or how it has affected her in detail)

    If you guys figure out how much she lost let me know, otherwise this vid was a complete waste of our time lmao

  12. Me being 13 years old, eating under 500 (most of the time 300) calories a day for the past months 🙂

  13. I’m going to eat 480 calories a day as I am starting my broccoli diet today! I’m gonna have my last LARGE plate tonight which will be equivalent of 480 calories only! I top it with oyster sauce and it is deeeeeLIcious PLUs makes you really full from all the water in the broccoli when you cook it! I can’t wait to see my results ! I doubt I’ll lose hair eating vegetable like that! I’ll keep everyone posted !

  14. This kinda hurts because I’m going through the no motivation thing right now… I’m a university student and for the past two weeks I’ve been eating like 500 calories or less every day, some days not eating at all. I dunno. I just stay in bed for hours and hours, I won’t get out of bed till like 4pm and even then I just feel so drained and unmotivated. And I want to do SO much work and be a great student but it’s not happening and I don’t know why… I love my current uni flatmates, I enjoy my course… I have NO reason to be depressed but I just am for some reason?
    Sometimes I just stay in bed and forget to eat, then when I move I just feel faint and sometimes actually fainting.

    Also I relate to the bloating thing. I bloat constantly from the smallest of meals so it’s probably a type of food I’m eating but no clue what it is. And now as I’m not eating, suddenly my stomach gets so much flatter and that’s not helping motivate me to eat again. I’m not eating because I’m just too unmotivated and can’t leave my bed at all, but partly I’m also kind of liking not being bloated and I’m worried it’s going to develop into an eating disorder if I get too attached to eating so little.

    Also people it’s true, don’t do this. I literally fainted in the bathroom yesterday because I was so weak from eating so little. And when I went to buy some groceries, people looked at me weirdly because I was literally shaking. And gasping for breathe while holding my bag. It sucked. I just want to get out of this cycle but I feel so drained constantly and unmotivated and I don’t know why because I want to work so hard!

  15. Im doing this rn and its been nearly 2 weeks and its been great so far💀 I still managed to work out regularly everyday, i walk 5-6miles everyday and cardio for an hour at home. I lost 10lbs in the past weeks. I do recommend not to eat 500 calories EVERYDAY but i try to keep it below 800-1000. SO FAR, my hair hasn’t fallen out YET😭😭 in terms of feeling weak and hungry i havent been feeling it at all, i feel pretty satisfied not full not hungry but enough. I eat protein, fibre filled food like eggs, chicken breasts, eggs, veggies bla bla. I only plan to do this diet for a month and start slowly again to regular and start the diet again the month after✌️

  16. Just started my weight loss yesterday, I didn’t know that eating under 500 or just 500 calories a day would hurt your body! I’m still new to this so from what I’ve learned.. I need to eat clean and make sure I eat those clean foods each day and get 1,200 calories a day? Idk I’m still new at this and like I said I had no idea that it was unhealthy 😬

  17. If you have more body fat percentage, it would help. That’s eating less calories. But once you loss decent amount of body fat and still continue the procedure, it’ll weaken your overall body performance.

  18. Gyus eating 500-800 cals a day is absolutely fine and there’s nothing wrong In it …
    But you should be eating healthy foods ..instead of junk
    Fruits veggies have fewer calories and it also keeps us full for a long time…so when u eat healthy foods…your requirements will definitely get complete and there would be no bad effect on your body!!
    Where’s when we eat junk food it contains higher calories and also damages our body and our hunger also don’t get over make sure when u are on this calories deficit diet lots of fruits and veggies !!

    – when we do fasting our body repairs ourselves in that duration and it’s a good thing! ….these modern day people just created a burst of eating 2000 calories a day ! Gyus listen to your body what it needs….
    Hunger and empty stomach are 2 different things

    So even if u eat 600 healthy cals a day ..your body will b perfectly fine

  19. Girls don’t this i try this diet for 6 week and lost my period for over 7 month and just gained weight, till now i have problems to lose weight because of this diet

  20. Arent you are beautiful lady… one thing I always wNted was to be pretty.. even just a little bit..

  21. “eating 500 calories a day for a month” shows no progress no pictures just talks to a camera

  22. .sis, this 500 ain’t for people who aren’t overweight.. lol if you were big/ massive this 500 calories wouldn’t affect you at all. Do not talk on things you clearly have no clue.

  23. I’m overweight like 50 lbs I don’t think me doing this for a month is going to hurt anything. But specifically just for a month. After that I plan on working into a 1200 calorie diet a day plan for a few months + working out until I’m not hella overweight. I think this will help me with the diet I want because if I get used to eating 500 calories for one month achieving the 1200 calorie diet should be much easier. 50lbs overweight is a lot so I think this diet is something people like me need.

  24. i am not saying for anyone to do this. i’m sharing my experience, i’ve suffered with an eating disorder for years. at one point i ate only 500 or under a day for months. i lost several several pounds. but my hair never fell out. i’ve always had thick long hair and it’s still the exact same. i know everyone’s different but that’s just how mine went

  25. Guys if your watching this video and thinking about eating only 500 calories or less a day PLEASE DON’T!!! I did this a few years back and i lost 35 pounds in 3 months. But once I reached that 3 month mark I became physically weak, my hair started shedding like crazyyyyy (I thought I was going bald) turns out my hair was falling out because of the low amount of calories I was eating. My hair legit shed for 6 months straight. It was so thin afterwards (google telogen effluvium it’s what happens after losing a huge amount of weight too quickly due to eating a low calorie diet for an extended period of time.) I allowed myself one cheat day when I was on this diet and I would go crazy with food until I felt physically sick. This was the start of a binge eating disorder that I still deal with til this day, 3 years later. A 500 calorie diet is NOT sustainable. Also the moment you go back to eating normal you will gain all the weight back plus more.

  26. I’m doing about 600-800 a day… No issues other than weight loss. Make sure your calories are from meat mostly and very very little carbs.

  27. I did this for 6 months one time and lost 75 pounds. I would just eat 750 calories(same thing everyday so I would have to count) and I’d take a fun but challenging run(try different paths, cute running outfits, fun playlist)and do fun activities like skate, paddleboard, trampoline park. I started at 198 and ended at 123. Well I’m
    Back up to my highest ever(from depression-lost my dad, job loss, and life stresses). I can’t decide if I want to do this route again or just water fast until the weight is off. I leaning towards just fasting since it’s healthy, I don’t have to spend any money and don’t have to worry about shopping. This time I’m getting down to 105-115. I’m 5”5 btw as long as you do this in self love not self hate that’s the difference

  28. “Don’t try this at home”

    Me with extremely low self esteem, and willingness to exercise: LETS GOOOOOO!

  29. I searched up low calorie diets to understand why people, who need weight loss, get shamed and told they have an ed when they go on their own low calorie diet, but people who go and get dangerous surgeries eat even less calories but they get congrats and pats on the back? and they also risk further medical issues with surgeries

  30. I’ve had it up to here with these fake online health gurus that bring people down about their sustainable eating habits (excluding those with an ED who are trying to reach out and make sure no one is at risk of going through what they went through ❤️). It’s really infuriating how everytime I hear someone big/overweight say how they have been eating 500-600 cal they managed to lose weight and are working towards their goal of a healthy lifestyle and then some douche comments on their habits and tries to bring them down with bullshit “that’s so unhealthy”. “Your body is in starvation mode” “you need to eat atleast 1200-1500” “ you will gain it all right back “ and the list goes on and on. They say the same thing about us who do water fasts. I honestly feel those of you who go past every limit to do this are douche bags , instead of picking at them and bringing them down. Why not congrulate them for their efforts. Everyone’s body reacts differently to diets. So stop trying to spread bull shit antics to promote your own lifestyle. I for one eat 500-600 calories a day and I work out and occasionally do water fasts. I’ve been at this for 4 months now. I use to have a binge issue but guess what? Haven’t had that issue in months now because of the discipline the diet gave me, I feel so at peace with myself. I don’t feel weak at all. I haven’t lost hair. I am healthy according to my doctor (no she doesn’t know I have been eating at a low calorie intake but that’s the point) I’m healthy and honestly if you are obese/overweight don’t be shy to do this diet. I was skeptical at first too but I realized most the people giving warnings about the diet were either underweight, anorexic or body builders. Those that are underweight and anorexic have a medical condition so unless you are underweight and struggling with body dysphoria I wouldn’t take much of what their saying. The body builders claiming were losing “muscle” bullshit. I eat 500-600 and I am able to do home workouts with weights (they are 3 pounds). Only way for this diet not to work and you gain weight is if you are not disciplined , water fasts made me disciplined so being on a low calorie diet hasn’t affected me negatively, if you know you are a binge eater/emotional eater don’t do this because then you will gain the weight back or even more because you become unaware of what you’re eating at the moment and end up messing up completely then feeling bad about it. That’s the only way this wont work for someone big. However if you have self control and discipline with eating then go for it. It works. I have lost a lot of weight (no number because I don’t have a working scale) psychically speaking I’m almost to my goal. In 1-2 months im sure I will be at my goal. You will be at your goal too with discipline and self control and you can stop this diet when you reach it but my advice would be when increasing calories from this take 1-2 weeks by increasing your intake 50-100 calories a day, and when you increase it exercise more. Make it a regular habit. So that way if you go from 500-1200 or more you will be exercising too so you can burn off the excess calories you want off to keeep up with your goal. Besides that I want to wish everyone a great day and to never stop going for what you want. You can do anything if youu put your mind to it literally. Just push yourself to do it and if it’s too hard make it work for you. Most would say what I’m doing is extreme but it works for me and I’m happy and fit. I eat 500-600 calories a day (invest in a food scale if you haven’t) , I walk for atleast 1-3 hours at a moderate fast pace, I drink only water really but if you like juice make your own detox juice mines concist of (spinach, cucumber, ginger, turmeric and feel free to throw in protein powder if you want but be aware it’s can be 100 calories) , then I have one meal occasionally (usually I might cut it up into 2 ) i don’t eat after 6. (If I have fast food or takeout which is rare and happens maybe every once a month then I will not eat after 7-8 cuz it takes a while for food to get here) oh and I do home workouts (100 squats, 100 jump squats, 100 push ups, 100 crunches, 100 sit ups , 1 min plank, 100 plank hip dips, 100 donkey kicks, 100 fire hydrants, 100 lunges, 100 standing kickbacks , and from there i can do light yoga or workouts to target arms and face face more.) and if I don’t feel like walking I will do 1000 skips with my jump ropes instead. And my water fasting schedule is random but I make sure I do them every month (length varies) I could do 2 days on the weekends, or a whole week. Really clears my mind and makes me appreciate food more so the veggies etc are satisfying to me and I won’t get bored. Oh and I am vegan so meatless non-dairy foods are normal to me. That’s all thanks for reading lovelies 🙂 💞 bye

  31. You burn 800 calories sitting 10 hours a day, and 500 calories from sleeping. This is a horrible diet, unless ur obese. and its still only good short term.

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