Exercise and mental health

Exercise and mental health

This video examines the research and scientific information surrounding the benefits exercise can have on students’ mental health.

This video was made by Demystifying medicine students Kulsum Saeed, Joel Purvis, Isfandyar Menon and Dominic Wozniak

Copyright McMaster University 2017


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  5. 0:07 well it’s easy for this lady to pass judgement on people not having enough energy, with eyes like those shes obviously got at least 3 adderall prescriptions. She probably sprinted the 10 miles to school.

  6. It is important to know when you put in the time to exercise, it will improve other areas of life and give you forward momentum. It is time spent that is worth it, because the benefits of it, like decreased stress and better memory will make other areas of life easier, like studying more effectively, which will save time and make the time in the gym worth it.

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  8. It’s science! Read "Spark" by John Ratey and get all the evidence you need on how moving/exercise has a huge impact on school performance and behaviour. Physical Education!!!

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