Exercise and nutrition for middle-age and older individuals | Dr. Stella Volpe | TEDxSJU

Exercise and nutrition for middle-age and older individuals | Dr. Stella Volpe | TEDxSJU

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Professor and Chair of the Department of Nutrition Sciences at Drexel University, Dr. Volpe confronts our popular denial of growing older and older every day. Dr. Volpe points out that it is never too late to start becoming an active and healthy individual – We just need to face that fact that exercise and eating habits are the best of attaining that.

Dr. Stella Lucia Volpe is Professor and Chair of the Department of Nutrition Sciences at Drexel University. Dr. Volpe is Past-Chair of the United States’ President’s Council for Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. Dr. Volpe is a nutritionist and exercise physiologist who has built a program of research focusing on three interrelated areas that traverse the lifespan: 1) obesity and diabetes prevention via mineral supplementation, 2) weight management through diet, exercise and educational programs, and 3) environmental change leading to weight management. She recently finished conducting a randomized controlled trial on the effect of magnesium supplementation on the prevention of the metabolic syndrome. She has also become interested in studying the effects of the Human-Animal Interaction on weight loss and health in children and older adults. Prior to beginning her faculty appointment at Drexel University, Dr. Volpe was on faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, and previous to that, she was on faculty at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Dr. Volpe is both a Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist (American College of Sports Medicine [ACSM]), and a Registered Dietitian. She is a Fellow of the ACSM, and a past Vice President of the ACSM.
Dr. Volpe is a competitive athlete in field hockey, rowing and ice hockey. She enjoys being active with her husband, Gary and their German Shepherd dogs, Sasha and Bear.

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  1. This is a very poor lecture. Its badly put together, she frequently goes off topic.

    She didn’t really explain anything. It was just generalizing about any age group and common sense.

  2. When i was young i drank and smoked and did everything to get a buzz until hangovers took longer and longer to get over. But i still needed the buzz i was addicted to dopamine. The only thing i could do was exercise aerobics then the gym. As time went on i would have to do more and more to get a really good high. Now it’s become just like all the other addictions in my life i spend all my spare time running or at the gym away from my family i spend loads of money on outfits, diet supplements caffeine isotonic electrolyte drinks and worst of all i become nervous and edgy if i miss a day. I now think that enjoying life means no stress no coffee and a healthy balanced diet without supplements and a glass of wine is just fine.

  3. It would be really nice if the gyms in this country realize that 50,60,70,80 year olds want to attend classes such as Pilates. We can’t jump around….we want to stretch and stay fit.

  4. Now if the doctor would just tell me how to exercise with arthritic knees and hips such that I simply cannot walk long distances.

  5. You’re making the mistake that many researchers make. You’re hypothesizing "why" women gained back the weight and stopped exercising. You believe what is needed is just a "behavior" change…amazing.

  6. Exercise & Keto diet implementación. TNX
    -Do not surrender with yrs.
    -No sugar, <20mg Carb, <6hr eating period.
    Good sleep is underrated.

  7. I hate to say it, but I learned nothing new from this Talk. :/ Also, I realize this is somewhat outdated now, but there’s a lot of great science on fasting now.

  8. I stopped doing things because I have bone spurs that even surgery cannot correct. My joints will not move properly anymore and cause excruciating pain. I cannot walk. I used to do competitive martial arts. I used to dance. I used to walk for an hour every day. Now I can’t walk a flight of stairs or even use a treadmill without pain, so don’t lecture me about moving more. I do the best I can riding a bike and doing yoga whenever I get the chance. But with an old lady’s metabolism, I’d have to do these things for 4-5 hours a day to make a difference since the calorie deficit these activities create don’t make a dent in a bowl of oatmeal. As far as food is concerned, I try to eat healthfully, but menopause changes everything. It’s like the weight gain is inevitable but you’re going to be told you’re doing things all wrong no matter what you do.

  9. Diet is no problem, but getting up & walking around the block is. I have been around the block a hundred times. I am 78 now, would it make a difference?. My laziness exceeds my curiosity.

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  11. I learned some things from this:) thank-you. it’s also really interesting to see you’re competitive in both field and ice hockey. You’re living by your words:)

  12. So did anyone live past 90?And if so what did they do with their lives. We all have a metabolism our bodies adapt to. Have people a genetic profile? We are all going to die. Enjoy the bloom NOW!

  13. 15 mins in, learned nothing. All waffle with an undercurrent of some sort of study which really doesn’t reveal anything that isn’t common knowledge.

  14. Ok for exercise and it seems that no exercise will get you to get rid of your glasses….unless there is one exercise for that..??

  15. go with this guy- Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt is a Swedish medical doctor specialized in family medicine. SHe read alot of bs books! who funds her?

  16. How come the camera operator can never get the full power point in the viewfinder?? Why are we looking at the floor half the time?

  17. Change your environment, soda vinegar, happy stomach, less medicine, exercise at all ages, do not underestimate food and over exercises eating breakfast increases metabolism, eat breakfast otherwise increased cravings which is ok if you don’t give in, increase healthier options, healthier now means healthier older and also weight

  18. So basically she conducted a study. The study failed. So she waffkes on about theories that are biased to her ideology with no scientific back up! Well done! What a waste of time that was.

  19. Very encouraging talk. She seems to really care about the elderly and aging population. I’m inspired at 50. I started eating better and exercising in my late 40’s, and my body forgave me quickly and responded well. I feel better than I did in my 20’s and 30’s. I do wish I’d begun sooner, but onward and upward. I’m feeling more hopeful about the last third (Lord willing) of my time here on earth.

  20. OK for taking the stairs unless your office is on the 47th floor…. I challenge you to do that everyday going to work….

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