Exercise Physiology vs Physical Therapy

Exercise Physiology vs Physical Therapy

Let’s compare Exercise Physiologist vs physical therapist, and see which one would be a great fit for your future career

1:11 Job Duties
5:45 School requirement
9:50 Cost of schooling
11:05 Work environment
13:10 Salary & job outlook
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Everything You Need to Know to Get Accepted Into DPT School
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  1. I want to be an exercise physiologist. Is the physiotherapist bachelors of University of Monash the right major ??

  2. This is awesome, I’m an Exercise Physiologist in Australia – and I’ve always wanted to dabber in PT/Physio

    But I honestly just wanted to help people for long term and ended up owning a clinic. It wasn’t instant but THIS video would’ve helped me all those years ago!

  3. Anything wrong with trying to do both careers? Like maybe you become a exercise physiologist and one day u may decide to be a PTA or PT? Is that bad or doing too much?

  4. Something good to note would be the acceptance of exercise physiologists in hospitals etc ..they are semi-required but often looked down upon in practice for various rehab/clinical settings.. this is just one of the many reasons that lead to a much lower salary even though per patient in CR can actually draw the facility a significant income.

  5. Sir, notice me.

    Question: It is one of the specialization of exercise physiology that determine the individual’s sustainability for an exercise program.

  6. Which degree do you think is more qualified or relevant to be an exercise physiologist? I have heard that sport science degree is not really valuable to find jobs

  7. I’m an exercise physiologist and I have worked in government for recreation, and EP cardiology with pacemakers and defibrillator’s.

  8. Still figuring out what I wanna do as Im going.Im getting an Associate’s in Physical Therapy Assistant,and a P.E for my bachelor’s,would this prepare me for the CEP or even just a certified EP.My end goal is to get my master’s in athletic training, Exercise science for CEP or a doctorate in PT.

  9. Great video, this will help a lot of KINES majors who are super confused about what to do with their degree. I know I was until I chose OT.

  10. I just got into UTD as a healthcare major with a focus in kinesiology, do you think that program would put me on the right track to go become an exercise physiologist?

  11. Wow this is so informative and to the point, the only thing i would suggest is adding all of the certifications associated with it (ex. ACSM, etc)

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