Fitness Blender PFT – Physical Fitness Test

Fitness Blender PFT – Physical Fitness Test

Fitness Blender’s PFT is a great way to track your progress towards your goals. It’s not all about the number on the scale! This test allows you to track improvements in endurance, speed, strength, and flexibility. Find out more detailed information about this test @

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  1. I am taking your 8 week programme as a winter activity. I have no tread mill to run on, nor special sneakers to run on ice outdoors here where I live. Since your PFT is meant to measure the progress of an individual self, I cycled on my indoor bike (decided this to be a 6km). It is a cardio activity and I guess it will do. I can easily do more than 100 squats (being otherwise an avid cyclist) and should probably add weights to push that nr. down, but … from the experience, I want to avoid muscle pain the day after, so I just stop at 100 deep squats – I just think this area I cover and it does not need an improvement. 😉 I have to say my motivation to measure my progress is pathetically low. I could not care less about my measurements, so it is always difficult to start a programme for me. I avoid and postpone PFT … because,  you see, if I follow 2 weeks of your programme, I can FEEL the difference. My posture is different, I enjoy exercising  with you and look forward to more. Last time I went through your programme (not expecting much), I suddenly crashed a lot of records on my bike! I KNOW it works!!! Thank you so much! 

  2. Wow! Great cardio workout! Easy to follow. Tough for a beginner, but I have dodgy knees and back and managed the jumping jacks! Thank you.

  3. Hi, I have a question, I went to the link and checked the PFT, I would like to know if I it’s useful to apply this tracking system to all of the different exercises of a complete workout routine (Bicep curls, triceps extensions, sumo squats… etc) and how to apply the results to improve the routine? +FitnessBlender

  4. Hello kelli and Daniel..i have a question about running schedule..i am right now doing 8 week program 51minutes/ daily one..can I some how fit jog or running in between..thank you if you can get back please..

  5. please guys can you helop..i just bought the 8w round 1 ..and i found in the book that the PFT test includes 1mile walk, push up , crunches and pull ups ..are these workouts different from the push ups , squats and plank shown in this video??? please i need an answer coz tomorrow i will start with the program

  6. omg. finally made myself do this b/c i’m starting the 5th program and i always skip this part b/c i can never find a good place to run a mile. made myself run it this time and turns out my timer stopped halfway through. so annoyed. think it was between 7.5 – 9 min. not bad considering 3 years ago (the last time i ran a mile) i couldn’t run one straight w/o stopping and today i did. 🙂 so that’s nice.

    3 full and 12 half push ups (always been hard for me)
    30 squats w/ 10 lbs total
    2:00 plank
    and sit&reach +7.8cm

  7. Ran the mile under 25 minutes (very poor rhythm and cardio energy) ; couldn’t do more than 5 knee push-ups (weak shoulders, unsure of the elbows’ positions), couldn’t do a single squat even with the aid of a chair (very weak knees, rapid loss of balance), was able to hold the plank for just over a minute, only the flexibility exercises were doable. As a result, I scored the lowest of the low…

  8. Soooo, done with my first circle of the 8-weeks program for busy people!

    Here’s the numbers:
    – dropped from 82.5 kilos to 80.5 kilos
    – ran my track (don’t know the exact distance) in 5:57 minutes, which is 9 seconds faster than before the program
    – did 40 push-ups, which is 4 more than before the program
    – did 63 squats, which is 26 (!!!) more than before the program
    – did the plank for 3:00 minutes, which is 30 seconds more than before the program
    – increased my flexibility to 7.8 centimeters, which is 4.8 centimeters more than before the program

    What I personally realize most is that I got lots of additional strength in my legs from all these hiit workouts. The leg muscles are almost as toned as they were 15 years ago when I was a teenager 🙂 All in all I am extremely happy with the results and I will definitely start the next circle really soon!

  9. Glad to see personality. I love it! Typically you’re official with your workouts that we don’t get to see your personality. I love Fitness Blender. It has helped me teach a variety of classes.

  10. First of all you’re the cutest couple ever
    Second of all, I’ve been doing your workouts for a couple of years now and the results are awesome.Today I decided to do one of your 8 week fat loss programs, lets hope I finish it strong ! 😀 🙂

  11. Thank you for all the awesome videos! Restarting the 4week program today. Going to finish it this time. One day at a time.

  12. How do I interpret my results? If I complete x amount of pushups or whatever- how will I know if the number is good or not?

  13. *DIFFERENCE* after #FBLowImpact if anyone is wondering…
    Mile: -2 min
    Half Push Ups: +5
    Squats: +17
    Plank: +6 sec
    Reach: No change,
    but my score was already +7.5 in

  14. Timed 1 mile run
    Pushups – until exhaustion. full or half. without breaks.
    Flexibility test – tape on ground and see how far you can stretch and place a piece of tape down then measure the distance.

  15. I just found this and I can’t wait to do it! Problem is it’s after midnight and I am already in bed, but oh, how happy I’ll be waking up tomorrow, knowing that PFT awaits! Not that I claim good results, but I can imagine how great it would be a few weeks later to compare the score x) Yay! Go, Daniel and Kelli! 🙂

  16. I am 12 years old…. Everybody calls me fat, i didnt think that i was fat before i got bullied…. But now.. I dont know what to think…😞. I am trying to lose weight.. But.. I am not good at it… 😞😭

  17. Should we do this test at once? i mean, after finishing the mile do I go straight to the rest of the test or is there some cool down period?
    Thank you!

  18. hi there – hoping you can help – i have a fused scaphoid on my right hand which means that my wrist won’t allow my hand to bend further than about 60 degrees, so i cannot do anything where my hand must lie flat to support my weight upon a perfectly vertical arm. For push-ups, i usually use a square shaped dumb bell so i can hold it like a handle. i cannot do one ‘full’ pushup. i can only do ‘half’ pushups and i cannot go all the way down to a 45 degree bent arm and push myself back up. i’m out of shape. my question is – is the modification i’m giving myself, with the dumbell, making pushups harder? should i do something else to measure my arm and chest strength? or should i simply record the amount of not so great pushups i’m able to do this way now, then measure again after 8 weeks? thank you for your awesome videos!

  19. End of Oct 2014 is when I did my first pft. And I never did do another one but I have been working out with you guys ever since. Today I’m restarting 8 week Fat Loss round 5 so I did another one.

    Oct 2014 pft:

    Full Push Ups: 15
    Half Push Ups: 16
    Number of Squats: 36
    Static Plank Time: 35 sec
    Sit and Reach Measurement: -4.6cm

    March 2017 pft:

    Full Push ups: 25
    Half Push ups: 17
    Squats: Stopped at 100 but could definitely go on
    Static Plank Time: 57.4
    Sit and Reach Measurement: 4.2cm

  20. Everyone seems to be so freaking good at push-ups. I’m not that unfit – but I could only do 6 proper half-push-ups!! I think something is wrong with me…

  21. I start FB Fit today, and I’ve watched this video twice…. for the bloopers! Hahahahahaha! Then the second time through, I had to watch your face, Kelli, because I could see the laughter from all that had been happening behind the scenes. You two make me smile! Can’t wait to get started!

  22. Just finished one of your 8 week courses. For anyone wondering it’s totally worth every dollar spent! 14 min mile down to 13:10. Since I didn’t run a single time during those 8 weeks; YAY! 14 push ups to 19. I hurt my wrist so this really isn’t a true reflection so I can’t wait to do it all over again to really show ’em! 33 squats to 122. -2.5 sit and reach to a dead even 0. Woohoo! Honestly, even if my numbers hadn’t improved I would still be happy. I feel SO much better! Thank you, Kelli and Daniel! Onto my next 8 week fat loss program. 😀 

  23. how do I do the 8 week programme? It opens up sixteen videos with warm up, cool down, stretch etc. how do i plan out what to do each day in a week?

  24. Do you know Fitness Blender what is the 2 subdivisions of the Physical Fitness Test? Are Timed Mile and Flexibility Test the 2 subdivisions? Reply pls. as soon as possible. Ty.

  25. Novella 

    48 years old
    5"2 and 135 lbs
    1 mile walk/run: 10:12 sec
    Push up: Full 10 / Half 10
    Squats: 122
    Static Plank Time: 1:22
    Sit & Reach: Neg 3

    My Husband Mitch

    46 years old
    5"10′ and 240 lbs
    1 mile walk/run: Think 20 min.. He had to stop
    Push up: Full 10 / Half 15… He had his butt
    Squats: 37
    Static Plank Time: 1:46
    Sit & Reach: Neg 5

  26. Hello – I just purchased one of your books as followed the link here. I have a question do i do each of these exercises one after the other. Or do i give myself time to recover before i move on?

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