FPC1 Full Power Cage

FPC1 Full Power Cage

With durable 11 gauge steel, the FPC1 was designed for a custom workout experience. Resistance band pegs, a landmine, and the battle robe attachment give you endless exercise possibilities. We have also added interchangeable hooks, parallel bars, and safety tubes to place at your desired height. Find the FPC1 online at https://inspirefitness.com/product/fpc1-full-power-cage/ or at a showroom near you. https://inspirefitness.com/showrooms/


  1. You need to add lat pulldown and a low pull. Either plate loaded or a stack. If you do that your in the game with the top dogs like Rogue, Rep, and Sorinex

  2. So you say it comes with the landmine but in the description on Costco website it say’s it’s not included.

  3. What size safety straps can be used for this rack to replace the inner safety pins.

    Can you add the rep fitness lat pull down on this rack?

  4. Meh…doesn’t even come close to competitors like Rogue, Sorinex, and Rep…you guys lack serious accessories like jammer arms, belt squat, ect! This is for recreational users

  5. Great power rack, but more attachments required. Weight plate holder and bar holder would bring this up there with Rogue

  6. they got a guy who’s probably never squatted in his life to demo this. Legit funny seeing how bad his form was, even with super light weight.

  7. Just ordered this…. can’t wait to get it. I do wish it had the option of a lat pulldown/row system or even just a simple pulley attachment.

  8. The rack is solid. Need plate storage. Used Rogue weight storage pins work awesome. With the rack had 1" holes and bolts. Soft safeties be an upgrad. Using ABS pipe over pins to cut down noise and wear on my bar. Few updates and this rack competitive with top brands.

  9. I’ve went to two different websites and 1 YouTube video and no one has said the size of the uprights 🤦🏾‍♂️ Is it 2×2, 3×3, 2.5×2.5, 2×3? This is basic information EVERY fitness company usually provides in the description

  10. Whats the weight limit for hanging on it and for the weight it can handle for squats in LBS?
    And does this have to be bolted to the floor or is it free standing ?
    thank you

  11. What is the height of the power cage once fully assembled? Also, are there going to be any additional accessories (other than mentioned in the video) that you’ll be releasing? It looks like great, but I’m concerned I might not have required height. Does this need to be mounted to the floor?

  12. The Cage is absolutely wonderful. But!!! Were can you buy it from, and what is the price of it. I contacted the company INSPIRE and they said that it’s a new product and that they themselves, don’t have any info. to give me on how to buy it. I got a service email " service@inspirefitness.net" then the email was sent back as undeliverable so I’m stuck. I see a nice piece of equipment but I can’t find out it’s price or where to buy it from please help if you can.

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