Pleased to share with you few of my favourite exercises that you can perform them at home or anywhere you go without any gym equipment at all.
Make sure you execute the movement correctly and stick to the whole circuit for the best results. Please comment below if you have any questions at all.
Thanks again for the constant support. Much love to you all and good luck with the workout. xo


1. Push up (weighted bag pack) – 15rp
2. Jump squat (weighted bag pack) – 15rp
3. Back extension (towel) – 15rp
4. Pistol squats – 10rp each leg
5. Elevated pike push ups – 15rp
6. Bicep curl (weighted bag pack) – 15rp
7. Deep push ups – 15rp
8. Bicycle crunches 45sec

Break time 60sec between each exercise
Repeat 3-4 sets

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  1. I’m 16 years old and I’m here because I want to see some improvement on my body. This is the story, Lately I was being bullied one of my friends I mean i treat him as a friend but he’s so mean at me all the time and I know for myself that I didn’t do anything to him so I was confused why is he so mean to me so I found out that he just wants to be respected, he just wants to be cool so lately we were just having fun then I’m just telling him a joke about him but he seems very angry at me and I know that my joke to him is not enough to make him angry its not even funny and its just a lil bit related to him but he stands and choke me he grabs me outside, he wants to fight me outside and people around us are laughing so I didn’t go outside because I know that my body is not enough to beat him I feel like I need some help. so guys I’m a newbie and I need some advice coming from y’all I hope you’ll help me, just an advice please I just want him to learn a lesson from bullying me all this time.

  2. I highly recommend the Agoge diet to anyone looking to build muscle fast. I’ve had great success with it.

  3. I’m a little overweight, maybe by 20lbs. I was not able to complete more than 1 set per exercise, but today was the first time trying. I was very healthy about 1.5 years ago, I ate good food and was 25lbs lighter than I am right now. I will not be discouraged that I could only complete 1 set, and I’ll keep going every day until I can. I’m also giving up sugar and will start eating right again. This is not the first time I have successfully lost over 20lbs so I am hopeful that I will do it again. My strategy last time was to run a lot, however I hate running and it took over an hour. Another difference is that I am now a father and taking care of a baby takes up a lot of my time. This method looks a lot faster and can fit into my day easier. Wish me luck!

  4. Excellent workout dude, u got a strong fit body, It is much better than pumping weight and getting dumb. Keep it up Sport.

  5. If it’s just for beginners like me who doesn’t have a lot of muscles, is it ok if I do these without a back pack? Well only the push-up one since I got a weird injury on my left elbow

  6. Very creative guy. I am a Brit living in Russia, they are doing all this QR codes now and my vaccine passport is not accepted by the Russian Authorities. Means no Malls, no restaurants and no gyms for me. This workout is exactly what I needed!

  7. Does this routine hit every single muscle in the body and do we need to do any warm up before doing these excersies?

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