Gatorade Zero – Is it healthy for keto/low carb?

Gatorade Zero – Is it healthy for keto/low carb?

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Dr. Nuesse talks about using diet sports drinks when doing keto or other low carb programs.
The advice provided is Dr. Nuesse’s opinion and meant to be used by patients under the care of a physician.

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  1. I’m not saying that I know wether these keto approved or not but this dude is using a correlation and not a causation. And if your 300 lbs obviously this is better than normal Gatorade but if your some 10% body fat guy and trying to get to 5% than i don’t know the answer on wether this is okay or not and I wish it was easier to know.

  2. So what can I drink when fasting to keep my potassium and magnesium high ?? I want something that does not spike my insulin.

  3. Read somewhere that Diet Soda make you crave sugar more. Honestly…. for me, I don’t care for the sugar. I just crave the carbonation lol 😂

  4. Gatorade G2 tasted disgusting. I actually don’t mind gatorade zero; G2 had a horrible fake sugar after taste for me

  5. To be honest diet sodas and 0 calorie energy drinks i feel have the opposite effect on me. I lost about 50 pounds and used them regularly (about 1-2 per day) and felt that it instead curved my appetite and helped me stick to my diet. Of course im not a doctor and so take what i say with a grain of salt but im just speaking from personal experience

  6. If you see this can you drink it before or after a workout and would it be good to do. so I don’t gain weight or will I gain weight I’m just wondering

  7. *My dad bought these because he’s on diet. Sense there was nothing to drink in the fridge I got one of these and and put some sugar in it and it was delicious* 😋

  8. I lost 30lbs in 3 months on dirty keto, gave up 6 pepsi a day for 2 large gatorade zero, 1 pepsi zero & water, water water…

  9. Aaaaaaaannnnd that’s how BRAWNDO THE THIRST MUTILATOR 🤮 got started, and that’s the beginning of IDIOCRACY 🤡

  10. What about if you’re just fasting and not doing keto per say? After your fasting period would it be okay to consume with food and still make progress with weight loss with no additional effects? Thanks!

  11. I only drink water and unsweetened almond milk and protein shakes so like I dont think it’ll be bad to drink this when I workout right?

  12. I’ve lost a lot of weight using artificially sweetened beverages. They don’t effect my blood sugar, thus I’m not dealing with an insulin response in my experience. It also doesn’t make me want to compromise my lifestyle change (notice I didn’t say diet). My doctor, nurse, registered dietician and endocrinologist are 100% on board with this.

  13. So does drinking the artificial sweetener actually make you more likely to eat other things you shouldn’t, like does it effect you in a chemical way?….or is it that people that feel the need to drink sweet drinks in general would be more likely to fail in their diet either way? I would wager that not drinking artificial sweeteners leads to better chances of successfully losing weight simply because of a change of habit, but that’s all purely psychological and has nothing to do with a specific product or sweetener.

    I guess i was more interested in the actual effects of those particular sweeteners on the body and how it can effect weight loss assuming you have the discipline to keep to a diet. Like if I drink this, AND eat 5000 calories a day on top of that, obviously Ill gain weight- but the same could be said of every other food or beverage

  14. Well I recently introduced Gatorade zero to my keto/fasting way of life. The reason was I live in South Georgia and it’s 100 degrees everyday in the dead of summer and my chose of cardio is walking and hour and half to two hours a day. I eat one small keto style snack to break a 20 fast and then later a bigger meal to get my days calories in. My life an RN noticed I was having issues like cramping and mainly issues with very low salt in my blood and said drink a 12 ounce Gatorade zero after workouts to get electrolytes in your system. What do you think?

  15. Thats a lie on artificial sweetner mak3 you gain weight! I use mio for my water wiht my diet ans i lost 160lbs smh

  16. Only speaking for myself, none of these statements concerning weight loss and glucose impact was true for me. I lost 80 pounds, kept it off, tracked ketones and sugar levels daily and they weren’t impacted. I drink 1-3 0 sugar beverages daily. I did find that if I drank too many per day, my weight loss would pause, but it would not cause me to gain. For me, I’ve drank sodas my entire life with every meal, so this replacement is one of the main reasons I’ve been successful.

  17. I thought it tasted too good i don’t know much about artificial sugers I’m just trying too cut suger for a wile it’s pretty tough I didn’t realize so many things have suger in it a few grams isn’t a big deal but I’m trying too have days of no suger at all black coffee steak and eggs I find helps

  18. I will crave carbohydrate meals and sometimes go for the extra coffee with heavy cream when all i needed was potassium. If you drink Gatorade zero you need to add Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium to it or you will be drinking drinking 6 Gatorade zeros just to get 180mgs of potassium and you need 4700mg. It’s also too much fluid for the electrolyte ratio.

  19. Good video trouble is people don’t read the labels and read your good information blind as a bat…. and if you look at who owns these companies that have Gatorade Powerade all those power drinks are owned by Coca-Cola and Pepsi so you might as well drink pop Vitamin Water owned by Pepsi it’s a joke these people should be hung up…. our government ignores what’s on or inside products buy some China you think our government cares about us you too busy sending money out to other countries and worrying about his own country now with this virus you think he’s going to wake up .. worrying about what’s in our Foods protecting our own country leaving the money inside the country what about the homeless here he’s a goof

  20. These companies are so good at marketing and they are taking advantage of people cuz they don’t read the labels and they’re in for a shocking when they get older there’s so much sugar in this these drinks they don’t care about you they care about the Mighty Dollar

  21. I lost 150 lbs in one year doing intermittent fasting, walking and drinking mostly water, Gatorade Zero and Coke Zero.

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  23. could you please explain why I lost 45 pounds when all I did was take out coke with sugar and switched to diet coke, nothing in my diet changed calories wise food wise, just switched from sugar coke to diet coke, I am living proof that this is not true. ( 8 month process ) Not only me, but the same for my boss and a personal friend, 3 people I know that had the same results.

  24. How can a body produce more adrenaline when there is no sugar in blood stream? Just by tasting sweetness making our body produce more adrenaline?

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