Health and Disease | Quiz Time | Biology | Science | Letstute

Health and Disease | Quiz Time | Biology | Science | Letstute

Hello Friends,
Checkout our Video on Health and Disease for Biology | Science | Quiz Time

This video covers the following Points:
-Communicable Disease
-Chronic disease
-Acute disease
-Congenital Disease
-Vector borne
-Air borne
-Fomite borne

I hope you enjoy this online lecture on “Health and Disease Quiz Time” by LetsTute.
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  1. Background music, voice and the way of presentation of questions are very impressive..thank yu👍👍

  2. Woww
    I have solved all the questions except Chronic one
    But it’s really interesting to solve ……

  3. I scored 100%, where’s my diploma & specialized licence plates??? and by the way, you were a little quick to diagnose the child with stomach distress as a food illness, it could’ve been caused by the water. It said he drank water from.his bottle but it didn’t state whether it was bottle water that was free from contaminants, just because he was drinking it from a bottle doesn’t indicate it was acceptable drinking water! 😊 …And by the way, I’d like a raise when that diploma arrives! hehehe

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