Health Professional Debunks Weight Loss Trends + FAD Diets + KETO | BONUS Q&A

Health Professional Debunks Weight Loss Trends + FAD Diets + KETO | BONUS Q&A

Health Professional Debunks Weight Loss Trends + FAD Diets + KETO

Thank you everyone for sending in your questions for the video! I had such a great time talking with Emma, a health professional, about weight loss trends, fad diets, Keto and more! Let me know if you have other questions for her and we can get together and film again for you all! #keto #weightloss #faddiets #losingweight


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Outline of the video:
PART 1: Questions about FAD DIETS
PART 2: What topics of nutrition confuses you?
PART 3: What foods are “bad” foods in your opinion?
PART 4: What’s the biggest weight loss tread you see?

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  1. I feel that with few exceptions that anyone looking for a simple way to lose weight can benefit from adding more water and more raw vegetables

  2. 🍦 great video. I have had a rocky relationship with food for most of my life. I over ate as a young child, which caused me to gain a ton of weight early in life. Then in my late teens I was anorexic, in High School. A big part of that struggle was a desire to be loved and a longing to be accepted. I was body-shamed and bullied in middle & early high school. As an adult I gained and lost the same weight for many years doing the yo-yo diets. About 4 years ago I finally got to a healthy weight again doing Keto & Intermittent Fasting. I was able to sustain it as a lifestyle until I was severely injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness. Through the process of being injured and not being able to exercise, being on a severely limited income and not being able to work for the last 3 years, I gained about 60 lbs. I have been struggling with the idea of wether or not to get back on Keto & IF or not. This video has peaked my curiosity about Intuitive Eating. I’m going to look further into it.! Thank you for having your guest on and shining light on some unhealthy ideas rolling around the fitness community. Your content here and on Instagram is very helpful. Thank you!

  3. Being on the keto diet has caused a lot of people with diabetes to go into remission than when they were eating carbs. Keto doesn’t cut out carbs but it lowers your carb intake. Drinking soda especially diet soda is a no-no on the keto diet because it still has sugar. The keto diet cuts out sugars and when you get into ketosis you actually feel so much better and have so much more energy. They are doctors who support the keto diet but most won’t tell you because they want you to keep coming to them and take their medication.

  4. Seen a comment you made on youtube about keto .. and low glyemic.. keto is NOT the same as low glycemic.. just letting you know.. they are different. Keto is the very extreme of low glycemic way of eating.. and yes it IS HEALTHY.. both are

  5. Yay Madi! This video was SO GOOD! I am so proud of you! I love this wide variety of questions and science-based answers. And thanks for asking about my sugar question! You are THE BEST! #gomadigo #womensupportingwomen #fitnessinspiration 💕😀🏃🏼‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️👸🏼

  6. Great video, thank you. I’m living a ketogenic life and my PCOS has been greatly affected in the POSITIVE. My mood, my energy, my thinking, it’s absolutely not just scale related, I highly recommend a low carb, high fat way of life for PCOS because it’s been a year & whenever I "go off" keto, I turn back to it because I FEEL 100% better on. I don’t drink diet sodas, or any soda for that matter, and beef jerky would be a last ditch road trip forgot to pack food moment. 😉

  7. There is a bunch of different types of diets cause everyone body needs and reacts to food differently. Keto works for me, but I know people that low carb doesn’t work for them. Great video

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