Healthy Eating & Nutrition for Children Ages 6-12

Healthy Eating & Nutrition for Children Ages 6-12

Good nutrition contributes to the healthy growth and development of your children and promotes their concentration and learning.

Designed for parents with children ages 6-12, this video discusses why a healthy diet is very important, how to make healthier food choices and how to encourage a positive attitude toward food with your children.

Developed as part of the Parents Matter Project, content for this video is based on the workshop Healthy Eating and Nutrition available here:


  1. All of you guys are so toxic and your teacher told you to watch this beacause she want you to learn stupid head or you will be walking around dummy and you are going to sound like the person that says did I do that?🤣🤣 any way yea

  2. Most of the population is iodine deficient now. Iodine deficiency causes constipation and stomach problems FYI also daily probiotics are critical as well as regular fiber. Parents please do your research so your little one’s don’t suffer unnecessarily, also critical for all family members. You need selenium to absorb properly.

    Most children have ADD, ADHD and Autism from iodine deficiency, because it’s also directly related to brain 🧠 health and IQ. Iodine and vitamin D work hand in hand to keep cancer cells in check in the human body too. The treatment of the diseases that results from iodine deficiency are way too profitable to tell anyone unfortunately.

    Please save yourselves and children from unnecessarily sickness and suffering and do your research while this information is still available on the internet. I take the Nascent iodine and cured my ADHD in my 40’s. Girls need more iodine then boys after puberty, and it’s why we have seen such a high rate of breast, ovarian and prostate cancers. Too much critical info to list, plenty of videos available to view online too. Dr. Brownstien,Dr. Group, Dr. De Maria etc etc, A must watch

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