Healthy YOOHOO Recipe!

Healthy YOOHOO Recipe!

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  1. I make my kids "warm chocolate" cream, milk, butter, 3 egg yolks, blackstrap molasses, with raw honey, cocao. Wisk everything but the egg yolks together. Once warm enough, add the egg yolks. I strain any leftover cocao and egg whites. My kids refuse to order hot chocolate anymore because mom’s is better.

  2. My favourite thing to do it put a tiny bit of milk in a pint glass (just enough so the chocolate can mix/melt in), put half a teaspoon of drinking chocolate / coco powder in, put it in the microwave for 30 seconds until it starts to boils, stir and add cold milk slowly while stirring (if you pour cold milk in too fast it will shatter the glass).

    Instant cold milkshake with no crap ingredients. I like the more subtle taste of more diluted chocolate.

  3. What Frankie didn’t get on video was Gina doing laps through the walls in the house once the sugar high hit after the video ended. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED to say the least.

  4. Your sister Gina is so cute!! She is gonna be bouncing off the walls!! 😂
    This drink would also be a great drink for aid stations at ultra and marathon running events!! Runners love chocolate milk!!

  5. Wow. WOW. Whey protein is fucking horrible for you… and now you’re selling pure glucose? Oh poor frankie, you’ll do anything for money won’t you.

  6. I usually use half water and whipping cream, cane sugar and cocoa powder, thats the best hot chocolate milk i have had.

  7. Gina captions after tasting:
    We should try a little bit of foam on top. Mmm! Coffee? Hot chocolate. Oh, Italian ecspresso? Nesquick! All the same to me. Mm. Definitely yoohoo, oh tastes so good. Mm. So good. Mm. Tastes (inaudible). Oh this is good. Mm-hmm. Mmmm. Mmm-hmm. Mmm, tastes so good. Mmm. Mmh-Hmmm. Better than hot chocolate. Mmm. Chocolate drink is gone. LMAO

  8. Very very sweet… I mean the drink… 🙂 That’s why I do not touch these products ever! Even if I would make it myself – and with less sugar… Usually I just drink warm tea with cream 3/1 (36% fat). No sugar needed.

  9. I’m lactose intolerant and was wondering what good alternatives there are instead of using whey protein…

  10. So basically in carnivore diet you need vegan stuff to satisfy your sweet tooth? Come on, just drink blood, it’s sweet naturally.

  11. frank, keep smashing it my mate. english viewer here! i understand your under fire atm, but just keep calm and carry on man!

  12. That Honey looking pretty good, might buy one, but what’s your opinion on Monk fruit and stevia? to me those are very good sugar alternatives

  13. Frankie, I bought a glass thingy for my blender so I could put hot stuff in there. You can also get stainless steel containers too I think. The damn plastic ones break and can also leech stuff into your food/drink if you put hot liquid in there.

    I will have to try this, I bet my kids would love it. I will play around with the ingredients and ratios of them.

  14. Where do you get your cacao powder? Because I heard a lot of those cacao powder brands out they are contaminated with heavy metals!

  15. Good recipe but I can’t do it myself. Whey is always tough on my stomach in anything greater than quarter cup amounts but seems like this would be good for carnivores wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth.

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