1. Yvette, I found you during COVID shut down. Most of my friends have gained the COVID 10 lbs. I’ve only gained 2. Thanks for the 8 lbs. that never happened. Keep making step videos!!!

  2. Pelo amor de Deus professora…., aula de altíssimo impacto!!! Step super alto!!! Você não vai aguentar muito tempo sem ter lesões!!! Cuidado com seus alunos e principalmente com você que deve fazer mais de uma vez por dia essa aula. 😓

  3. Awesome. Thank you girls. You all rock. I really enjoyed this workout. Probably one of my favorites Yvette.

  4. Was expecting a step class, but when it started I couldn’t stop. More like a HIIT class with a step involved. Was sweating for a while afterwards.

  5. Buenos días activa 💪 para la clase 🍑💯 Venezuela 🇻🇪😷 yvette 👏🙃💖💋

  6. This is the best workout! I recommend this video over all the other Step aerobics classes on YouTube, she’ll definitely make you sweat. I’m over here getting for my wedding day working out! Amazing! She’s fast and doesn’t bullshit lol 😝

  7. This looks like a great workout. I wish the music was better. I might mute and try to follow along listening to my own playlist.

  8. After months of no exercise I finished this class after stopping twice for long breaks. Absolutely worth it, thanks for sharing. I am sweating lots lol

  9. Recovery was usually shorter than 10 seconds, sometimes 4 or 5 seconds. That’s a big difference in high-intensity interval workouts. Great anaerobic training though. "Cardio" is normally related to aerobic training, rather than anaerobic. It would be helpful to put a description so people know what this workout is about!!

  10. Congratulations on the wonderful class, in the quarantine trying to lose a few pounds, kisses from Brazil.

  11. I used to be a regular at aerobic (including step) classes about 25 years ago. With the exception of one class I attended, I have rarely seen anyone so fit. My goodness this woman is good! During the ‘warm up’ (that’s be the whole exercise for me lol!), don’t think she even had one sweat bead!!

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