How Abnormal Diets Are Threatening Peoples Lives | Diets From Hell | Tonic

How Abnormal Diets Are Threatening Peoples Lives | Diets From Hell | Tonic

We’re no longer eating to live, but living to eat. But what about those who won’t eat? Diets from Hell investigates the diet-busting eating disorder that creeps up on people while they sleep, they expose a shocking cyber world encouraging young girls to starve themselves and document the dramatic rescue of a 60 stone man with a life-threatening diet who is in desperate need of a diet overhaul.


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  1. June my dear spend the 35$ on a bed alarm so when you get out of bed the alarm will scream and you will wake up. Simple solution….

  2. The guy with the binge eating disorder really got to me.. back then I dont think this addiction was very welk known or could be treated properly..poor man 🙁

  3. People forcing themselves to eat like crazy in the end was utterly disgusting and disrespectful with those who are hungry for having nothing to eat. Idiots.

  4. Try the Vegan diet it help me realy and I’m absolutely happy about the results. I’m still Vegan and I will never quit. It gives my live hope😊

  5. The first woman who’s tried every diet and gimmick there is and has spent 20, 000, every consider exercising?? Duh!! And to the woman with the kids, ever think of trying a belt?????

  6. June’s issue is that she probably restricts herself too much during the day and get body is trying to save her by making her sleep eat.

    If she quits dieting and eats to maintain her current weight, I think her sleep eating will stop.

    I feel bad for her 🙁

  7. Just simply change the foods that you have in your house. Put more vegetables and fruits in your fridge and counters. Make your own healthy snacks readily and store it . So you can have something to grab when you are hungry. Simply buy whole foods and fruits .

  8. Diet shouldn’t be temporary. It’s a lifestyle change on making better eating habits for long term results!

  9. I have a great workout plan for anyone who needs to lose weight: go into nursing. You’ll enjoy 12-16 hr shifts on your feet, walking upwards of 13 mi in a day (measured by a friend) and reaching 10,000 steps whether you want to or not. Work in geriatrics as I do, and you’ll have an added "weight lifting". Worked 16 hours WITHOUT a lunch or dinner break last Friday due to severe shortage of staff. I’m barely 60 kg and it’s a struggle to keep it on.

  10. I am so glad I didn’t know about these sites when I was a teen and early 20’s. I almost died from anorexia as it was, I can’t imagine if I’d have a group supporting my illness.

  11. omg the anorexic woman when she said that her life wouldn’t have been in vain litterally made me cry!

    she can’t take care of herself anymore just because of poor mental health and society putting too much importance on food!

    Food is just sustenance!!! It shouldnt have moral implications!!! Eat what you want and healthily and exercise and you will be happier

  12. Sorry but that eating takes too much coordination. If “the patient is fully asleep while eating” shouldn’t we reassess what we mean by the word “asleep”? They might not be consciously aware but their bodies are awake in many ways.

  13. June is most likely not suffering from an eating or sleeping disorder. She is probably suffering from a dissociative state brought on from unaddressed trauma. This is why she doesn’t remember anything.

    The root of any sort of "crazy" behavior is often both biological + psychological in nature. That’s when we need to step away or the concept of individual choice and move towards biological drives and mental health conditions.

    Disclaimer: I’m an armchair expert, do your own research.

  14. My oldest started to act like that kid lol that lasted about ten seconds hahah lets just say he’s after acted like that again

  15. I have tried using many weightloss plans already but none of them provided me the outcomes like I got out of this , Yamzoko Weebly (sⓔarch Gⓞ ⓞgle to get it) process. Also I am not eating much as I was previously, I still do not feel jittery or maybe sense a crash I’ve lost about 15 lbs ever since applying this item.

  16. Spoiled. Kid is spoiled! My autistic brother didn’t want to eat anything but we never NEVER feed him junk. Chicken soup and rice we’ll ask him to eat. If he doesn’t, we would use intimidation tactic. This was when he was 5 and now, he eats everything given to him. Didn’t spoil him and didn’t cave into his plea.

  17. Why would you give your child crisps and cookies and all of this unhealthy stuff to make him feel better? Or even because he says it makes him feel better? You’re the parent, don’t re-I force bad habits with food.
    I blame Chris’s mum for his childhood obesity. He’s an adult now, and can take personal responsibility, but his mother is to blame for the childhood bullying and obesity. Poor dude.

  18. Intermittent fasting at 16:8 cutting out sugar and less carbs finally got me to a healthy weight. Nothing drastic at all

  19. Just don’t buy the food, then you (or someone else) can’t eat. Get mental help, and if you are over 30 take supplements to increase your NAD. After 30 NAD synthesis declines which is why we gain weight and have less energy. If you take the right supplements and exercise you can get your body to synthesize more. Keep only healthy nutritious foods at home so you can’t binge on unhealthy food. An occasional treat outside the home is fine. Just don’t bring it home. I have found that not buying at the store is the main battle.

  20. its sad that people are thinking that in order to be healthy you have to cut things from your diet.
    You can eat whatever you want and still be healthy and fit! Just eat smart instead of eating less!
    cutting things out or saying things like "reward meals" is unhealthy because you are attaching a value on food which isn’t real!
    in order to lose weight and truly be happy look for life style changing diet.
    if you are always cutting things out then can you can’t be happy or lose weight.
    cutting things out or eating less will never give you weight loss. It will give you unhappiness and free eating disorders…

  21. Blond woman is a housekeeper evidently. So it is not surprising that only interesting thing in life is eating or thinks about eating. If you haven’t an engaging job or hobby that make you thinking and searching uncommon embodyments you are becoming a degenerat.
    Sorry for my shitty English I guess I am degenerat too.((

  22. That little boy screaming, reminds me of my cousin’s son who is Autistic with Sensory Disorder. He literally breaks out and cries/screaming when specific textures touch his skin. He can’t control it and it fully breaks his skin out in hives and rashes, but he can’t communicate to us what is going on because he is Autistic and struggles with expressing himself.

  23. They are ignoring societies part in eating disorders. I was anorexic at 15, and people DID reward me for it. I was constantly told by strangers how ‘beautiful " I was. And this was when I was at my worst. Thankfully I had parents who cared enough to confront me and force me to eat. It took a long time to become ok with myself at a healthy weight and realize how scewed my thinking was.

  24. I know there is some biased standard about women’s weight
    but as a woman I think there is a deep down reason also
    which is woman are always worried about looking good and beautiful we are just born to be loving beauty or i call it "woman nature"
    loving beauty to death is not "human nature" it’s "woman nature"

  25. The first woman is clearly overweight and borderline obese, and she’s taking advice from an overweight dietician. Here’s tip #1 dont take advice from a overweight/obese guru.

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