How Can Something Have Zero Calories?

How Can Something Have Zero Calories?

Have you ever been drinking a soda and notice that it says the beverage contains 0 calories? How can something have no calories? Join Tara as she explains the truth about these foods and drinks.

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The Truth About Zero-Calorie Food
“Are there foods so low in calories that it takes as many (or more) calories to digest them as they contain?”

Misleading Labels: How ‘Zero’ Calorie Foods Contain Hidden Calories
“We were having green beans and mushrooms with dinner the other night – one of my favorites. As usual, we had the no-calorie spray butter on the table and I noticed it was getting a little low.”

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  1. My fitness app says I burn 43 calories an hour, im able to make a small bowl of veg soup for a little less than 43 so in theory could eat a bowl of soup every hour and still lose weight? (That’s 43 per hour when not doing anything I mean)

  2. This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about "can you build muscle without gaining fat" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Senictoria Bulking Paradise – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my co-worker got great success with it.

  3. 3:38 "Not a food, it’s beverage". What did she say? Coffee is a beverage. Coffee gives us energy. Only food gives us energy. So clearly, coffee is a food.

  4. Fats and alcohol are high in kJs/Cals (37 kJ/9 Cal per gram of fat; 29 kJ/7 Cal per gram of alcohol); carbohydrates and protein provide moderate amounts of kJs/Cals (17 kJ/4 Cal per gram); dietary fiber is low in kJs/Cals (8 kJ/2 Cal per gram); and water provides no kJs/Cals (energy).

  5. All this obsession with calories just made me realize that this isn’t normal…I’m going to have a sandwich and try learning about nutrition, intuitive eating and other skinny people health privileges

  6. Don’t rely on the labels, they are missleading. Go for natural foods that burn more calories than they contain.

  7. I count calories and if it’s 5 calories and only having one diet soda a day I’m not worried. Still dropping weight and building muscle😏

  8. "Everything we know is wrong"
    No, not everything. Just a lot of things. Including evolution. The smallest life that can reproduce is mindblowingly complex. Like more complex then a large city. It’s a problem so stupid, it’s beyond chicken and egg.. Its like 10 billion chicken and eggs at the same time. Evolution is the new flat earth theory of our time, and that’s why the head of the flat earth society is an evolutionist.
    More and more scientists are subscribing to the simulation hypothesis. We are clearly designed and programed right down to our dna.

    Back on topic—
    I was never in better shape then when I used to live on soda and hit the gym a bit more. So this war on sugar and calories seems to be bullcrap anyways. Lots of money to be made lying to people as always. Just like all these "scientists" who find soo called "missing link" fossils, that keep turning out to be nothing special. $$$

    Don’t bother chasing me out of here with pitch forks and torches, I’m insane enough to chase myself out!

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    okay… sorry

    I didn’t mean to be scientifically more … correct… then you…
    I’ll take my truths and be gone!

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  9. Unfortunately you are not correct about the butter. It is 40% fat not 100 % fat. It is not 900 calories , but 40% of 900 calories.

  10. We should care about carbs more than calories. As long as you’re not eating over 2700 calories if male per day, or 2200 calories if female, you will lose weight.

  11. Why do they lie to us why don’t they put the real calories some people including myself always look at the nutrients to know what I’m putting into my body

  12. I think your wrong how do you know there ain’t some magical ingredients that are body’s can’t digest eventually making them 0 calories because you don’t digest them

  13. everything on earth has calories , even the air we breath . if it can be recognized as existing , then it has calories 😉

  14. Thank you for answering my question this helps me in my fasting so ill enjoi my coca cola zero in my open window of feasting. Thank you….

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