1. YES!! This is the way ya do it!
    Not all the bouncing like I’ve seen ppl doing in the gym, geez wanna shake them!

  2. *Great product!>>>**ur2.pl/1190** Perfect for people who are working with smaller areas to work out. Very durable and does the work. I was skeptical at first but now I’m glad I made the purchase.*

  3. I find my partner struggles with this one as she has wide hips. Would it be a problem to form if she put the leg of the lifting arm on the bench and the opposing leg on the floor?

  4. I learned how to do it with Unflexal page. I think unflexal’s guide is the best way to be salubrious.

  5. You are helping me so much with weight lifting. I tend to focus on legs but you are giving me the motivation to do my arms more. Today will be an arms day 🙂

  6. Honestly swinging it won’t hurt a bit. My boy had 22 inch arms and I used to tell him his form was bad until I tried just flinging it back and boom 20 inch arms . Good form is important but when you know how to "cheat" it works wonders.

  7. previously id just watched beautiful bitch with nice ass doin this n i wasn’t focus at her form at all

  8. Thku so much dear I m beginner in gym so I have no idea how to work in gym but with ur videos its become very easy to me thx:-)

  9. Thank you. This is very helpful. Now I know I’m doing it all wrong. I’ll try this one tomorrow 👍

  10. It really annoys me that half the ppl on here weren’t even paying attention to wat she was doing :/

  11. Another great video. I appreciate the fact that you cut right to the chase. Thanks for that. Also thanks for putting this together.

  12. please stop you don’t gain shit with that strict form
    how do you increase weight with that form?

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