HOW TO IMPLEMENT A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE | Setting Habits & Wellness Goals

HOW TO IMPLEMENT A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE | Setting Habits & Wellness Goals

Get Your Life Together For Good
7 Steps To Start Living Your Best Life Yet Covering All Dimensions Of Wellness

Daily Mantras:
Intellectual Devotional:

1. Check in mentally
2. Give up bad habits to create way for the new
3. Set a goal of walking at least 10,000 steps a day
4. Fuel your body with movement and whole plant based foods
5. Learn something new every day to exercise the brain
6. Nightly cleanup mentally and physically
7. Keep the 8 Dimensions of Wellness in check
– Emotional
– Spiritual
– Intellectual
– Physical
– Environmental
– Financial
– Occupational
– Social

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  2. I’ve been meditating pretty much every day, I feel a HUGE difference when I have a good solid meditation.

  3. Great content. I’ve just started a lifestyle and spirituality niche as well. Thanks for sharing this. Stay blessed ✨

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  5. I like the ‘check where you are right now and accept it.’ I’ve been wishing to go back to the past and what I used to be but, like she said, there’s no point dwelling in the past

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  7. No money can buy health or happiness. Working out, maintaining a social life, and managing stress has been my main driver for good health. I also watch my diet very closely, I have adding vitamins, whole foods, and lately also Probase Nutrition Collagen Peptides, which have made a huge difference.

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  15. I want to get some almond milk, fruit, and other healthy things. But dang, healthy and vegan stuff are expensive! It’s like they want us to be unhealthy!


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  17. This is super great content. I just finished watching Soap Making videos at pinkladybathandbody, they were just as calming as this video….💞✨💖

  18. I love that fuel body with movement and food that’s exactly what I will be doing I’m making these changes a lifestyle habit 💯❤️

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