HOW TO USE GYM EQUIPMENT | Upper Body Machines

HOW TO USE GYM EQUIPMENT | Upper Body Machines

Hey, there!

In this video, we’ll be going over how to use some basic upper body machines.

I remember how intimidated and overwhelmed I was with gym machines when I first began my fitness journey, so I hope that this video will help put some of your worries away!

Always remember that we ALL start as beginners and have all made silly mistakes. Don’t get so caught up in not trying to make mistakes that you limit yourself at the gym and in your fitness journey. The only way to grow and get better is to challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone. Never be embarrassed to ask a fellow gym member for help!

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Equipment reviewed in this video:
– Seated Row | 00:35
– MTS High Row | 2:52
– Lat Pulldown | 4:32
– Seated Cable Row | 6:05
– Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid | 7:38
– Assisted Pull Ups/Tricep Dips | 10:12
– Chest Press | 12:51
– Vertical Chest Press | 13:55
– Incline Chest Press | 15:11
– Incline Chest Press | 16:10
– Overhead Press | 17:14
– Lateral Raise | 18:06
– Lateral Raise | 19:14
– Arm Curl | 20:08
– Triceps Extension | 21:10
– Seated Dip | 22:06


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  1. Thank you so much I seriously was lost at the gym all week! I can’t thank you enough ❤️❤️❤️

  2. *Really easy to assemble, great smooth range of motion **** and zero noise! I totally love it. It is only an eight level so it’s pretty easy to use but a great machine. I love how easy it was to assemble. Great machine.*

  3. i have anxiety about going to the gym cause idk how to work the machines but i really wanted to start going. you’re videos have made me feel so comfortable about going already!! thank youuuu

  4. It’s great that you took the time to make this video you’ll be surprised how many people don’t know how to use the machines..

  5. Whenever i look at a machine, i don’t even know what’s that for. So embarassing….😅 tomorrow i will try to use something other than treadmil lol

  6. im too scared to go to the gym bc i was born with my right arm not being to go all the way straight idk it’s weird and i don’t want people to judge me and they’ll correct me on my form and i hate explaining to people how i can’t put my arm straight bc it’s weird 🙁

  7. thanks naomi! i recently joined the gym and i’m trying to be a braveheart by trying the machines

  8. The guy in the background at 4:08 could use your guidance… he’s gonna pull something going that fast!

  9. Hello dear Naomi, I’m pretty good with all sports equipment. However, I have a lot of difficulty with the overhead press compared to the others. What do you think is the reason for this?

  10. This is a great video for beginners because it gives them confidence which is the sign of a good teacher. I don’t mean to be rude but everyone is complimenting the video but have overlooked your beautiful ass.

  11. Hey, there! 👋🏼
    For more helpful videos on how to use gym equipment, please checkout 😏 the description!
    Any more questions for me?? Drop a comment down below!👇🏼
    What exercise tutorials would you like to see?
    Outfit is Gymshark.
    Don’t forget to give this video a 👍🏼 if it helped clear up any questions you had!
    Have a wonderful day, guys. 💙

  12. I want to say that I’m just so glad that I found you on my YouTube channel. Your description of all the gym equipment that I come in contact is amazing! And it is so informative. What I would love to ask you is if you are reading from a script, please slow down! It’s very difficult to understand all that you have offer and I want to absorb it all! Many thanks! 😘❤️💋💋

  13. this has probably already been answered but Id like to ask if there’s anyway you can show/exaggerate your breathing technique with each machine along with telling us, for those of us who are visual learners?

  14. I were at the gym yesterday and tried the machine at 4:39, and couldn’t reach and thought I did something wrong and came here. But I only have one problem, the instructions on how to do it shows that you’re supposed to pull it behind you and not in front but the machine look identical to this one?

  15. Thank you so much, Naomi. You are the only one here on Youtube showing people how to use the gym equipment. I appreciate you 🤗

  16. I’m a "KONG" too. So rare to find other "Kongs". BTW I like how you stress "There’s no right or wrong adjustments/ways"

  17. Thank you so much for these videos…I’ve been avoiding going to the gym despite getting a membership because I have nobody to go with and my anxiety won’t let me live down embarrassing myself on not knowing how to do something 🥲

  18. You “said the shorter you the lower the seat” I always thought the opposite. Can anyone elaborate please

  19. Thank you so much Naomi ! So useful. One question : where is your set from ? Love it and looks so good on you ! Thanks again

  20. The busier your day, the more boredom your body has from training! This video is proof-

  21. After rewatching this video a couple of times I finally got the courage to try them yesterday at the gym lol and it worked ! But is it true that working out your upper body means that your working out abs too if you’re engaging your core?

  22. Very useful video, especially for short ppl like me. These machines are so intimidating! I’m not so scared now to try everything at the gym. Thank you Naomi!

  23. Thanks for the video Naomi! I now feel less intimidated by these machines. It is so simple in fact! Gaining confidence and gains! 😄🏋️‍♀️💪

  24. I thought I was the only one who had to stand on the seat to reach the bar for the Lat Pulldown!! I’m really short and I would feel so silly doing it. Lol you’re amazing. 😂

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