For 3 days – I ate 300 calories a day only . You won’t believe the results! Instant weight loss

Disclaimer: 300 calories a day diet is unhealthy and I don’t recommend you to do the same . I only wanted to share the results of my diet experiment.
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Been awhile that I’m doing Intermittent fasting 20:4 to sustained my weight and found it easy for me.

I’ll be happy to answer all your question , Just comment down below . Check it out my channel you’ll find lots of diet experiments you may like to know.

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  1. Christian Bale followed a similar diet, a can of tuna and an apple a day and lost over 60 lbs for the movie The Machinist. He then gained 100 lbs in 6 months for Batman Begins.

  2. Idea 💡💡 💡
    Breakfast 4 strawberry 16 cal
    Lunch elbow noodles n hunts sauce 210 cals
    Dinner patao 163 cal
    In total 389 cals
    Drink water with every meal

  3. I’m already thin but I don’t really feel like eating much anymore so I eat like a bag of chips and that’s it. will I lose even more weight or will I stay the same

  4. Thats amazing im at about 200 for today. Its def good for you too do this from time to time. We were not meant to drink cola and eat half the crap in America. If you were 70% coca cola then you should drink soda.

  5. If you do egg diet is 900 and you loose 2 lbs a day. You did not loose much weight for how restricted you were with your calories.

  6. I’m startding ~500 calories a day just to lose 15 pounds quick. My breakfast is 2 eggs, 2 thin sliced multigran bread and a slice of cheese which is 310 calories. instead of coffee I have a diet lipton ice tea citrus which is 5 calories. Then chicken breast with a whole bag of steamable bag Broccoli for 210. Though out the day I have about half a gallon of water. 525 calories total. I lost 3 pounds my first day now on day 2.

  7. Guys this is insane please do not damage your body like this. It’s miraculously unhealthy and dangerous and could ruin your metabolism for life. It’s not sustainable so please be careful and take care of yourselves <3

  8. Evryone its nt unhealthy ofcourse ur body is a reserve of many calories if u take few calories it takes from reserve and u lose weight

  9. She already mentioned that it is not a healthy diet..so no need of bad comments.More power to you lady❤️

  10. I appreciate you watching- 😍
    Please DO NOT DO this diet, this is not healthy and might harm your health. This video is my own experiments purposes and not advisable
    Always consult your Nutritionist or your Doctor and stay healthy
    Thanks big time.

  11. Did you loose weight for eating only 300 calories a day? YES
    Will be ok to do this diet for a long period? Absolutely NOT
    You keep doing this stupid diet, it will eventually ruin your metabolism rate, your hair will be falling, chaostic hormon/no regular menstural, skin will be very dry & lost its collagen layer super fast and all your inner organ start to fail functioning properly.
    NO KIDDING! I am not joking!
    The uploader of this diet is plain stupid! Even with her disclaimer, you still mentally encourage desperate over weight people to do this super dangerous diet!!

  12. You could literally double those meals and have it again later on in the day and still lose weight. Have you ever thought about trying it with 600 calories?

  13. I only eat like 200 calories a day and I hated my self because yesterday I ate 500 calories and not I’m fat

  14. Its do able if you just cook veggies to eat. I love veggies so its perfect for me to live on them and protiene

  15. guys don’t do this i nearly died and i cried i woke up this mrn and i felt extremely weak so i ate 2 bananas and an orange then i made juice i made it extra sweet so it will be more calories

  16. I’m a 15 year old boy, I was very thick and fat. That has changed. My diet contains 1 mango and 2 small body armors a day for electrolytes, all together: 200-250 calories a day. It is already day 5 and I feel very good, I can see a visual difference in EVERYTHING and I lost 10 pounds. My workout contains: ten minutes of jumping, ten minutes of running in place(sprint every once in a while) , 50 pushups, 50 sit-ups, 50 leg raises on each leg, and 50 benchpresses. The only workouts that are necessary are the ten minutes of jumping and running in place. Once you reach day 5 it gets so much easier!

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