I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST Power Rack on Amazon…

I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST Power Rack on Amazon…

⏬ This is the most budget-friendly power rack I could find. So I loaded 900 LB on it.⏬
➡ Amazon Power Rack: https://amzn.to/3rLqSWm

At Garage Gym Reviews, we test a lot of squat racks. But, they’re almost always above $1,000 starting price. So, at the request of you guys, we’re working on reviewing cheaper stuff.

Such as this, the Fitness Reality 810XLT Squat Rack that is the cheapest power rack I could find on Amazon.

Is it cheap? Yes…
Is it good? Eh…

However, what I’ve found for our Fitness Reality 810XLT Squat Rack review is that it just works. And sometimes, that’s enough.

➡ Ultimate Squat Rack Guide: https://bit.ly/3qJHrjU

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  1. You can buy this $300 Chinese sub product, or you can spend about $900 for a quality US made product (Such as Rogue Fitness), the choice is yours, But if you buy the Chinese made product, then don’t cry and complain the day that every product you buy at the store is made in China, of terrible quality and duration, and when the stores no longer accept returns without a restocking fee, simply because you have no options to buy from anyone else.

  2. I’ve been looking for a power rack but balking at some of the prices I’ve seen. I routinely squat over 400lbs, will the support pins damage the rack if I fail an attempt and have to let the bar drop? Because it may happen every now and then lol. Also been considering the "commercial" version of this which costs over $800 but claims to hold 1500 pounds.

  3. Came for a test of the drop… didn’t get it but I’m asking for it as requested lol. Just bought the sunny health full rack

  4. Am happy to see that there are white guys who are not taller than me. Didn’t mean any offense or anything just that i thought all of them were like above 6ft.

  5. Dubious…

    "…. Just lifted it, and I’m not even a mechanic"

    …..🤣 Ok worth the rest of the video even if it’s boring for that joke 😁

  6. My guess would be……It’s only 7 feet tall so you don’t hit your head on standard 8 foot residential ceilings!

  7. Do they sell This power rack to Australia? Had a look on Amazon and see one that looks exactly the same @ $2841?

  8. I own this rack as well.. its damn good for what I do.. I picked up some extras along the way (J-hooks and so on) .. its a solid buy for the money

  9. I have that same power rack with the cable attachments from Amazon. It’s easy to put together and works great!

  10. I don’t care what you say but even some of the strongest people you know could get use out of this rack, obviously not no Brian Shaw or Eddie Hall type use, but I feel this is proof that you don’t always have to buy a $3,000 Rogue rack

  11. I’m 6’4", would the top hole be high enough for me to get under the bar? looking to get into fitness at the cheapest route possible, love the vids. been helping a lot.

  12. Pre covid i had this. Worked great. Wanted Rogue fan boy status (got it). Went with a used Froning Mlnster Lite rack. It is way bigger and tought as a tank. But for my money and needs, I shouldvr stayed with the amazon rack.
    I dont regret it though, post covid it turned out to be a great move. 6 months before covid.

  13. 13:35 all of us outside america, contemplating how they would count weights in pounds, so uncomfortable

  14. Just got this rack with lat pull-down addition a few months ago and l love it. Only thing is with the lat pulldown i cant fit a bench in there for incline bench. Any suggestions on a bench that can fit around the lat pull-down?

  15. How about recommending this rack for women? I’m 5’1”, 125 lbs. I don’t need to lift much weight to muscle up adequately.

  16. Price Jump – since you bought it around March, 2021 for $ 245.85 the price has jumped up to $ 299.00 on August, 2021. That’s all YOUR fault for making the rack so popular. Now I can’t afford it and will have to buy a pair of flimsy $ 70 squat stands which will probably kill me some day. Thanks a lot, pal.

  17. Damn you Coop… I bought everything from rogue (plates, bar, collars, plate storage, etc) and was using another cheap amazon rack in the meantime while I decided what Rogue Power Rack to get…but now I am looking at spending 4-5x the amount just because "it looks nice" lol

  18. I’m guessing they inflated the price after this review, as the price on Amazon UK is currently £399 ($551).

  19. I’ve had this for about 5 years. this shit is golden and I’ve dropped 400+ lbs on it holds weight fine nothing bent. 100% would recommend

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