I QUIT drinking Diet Soda for 100 days, this is what happened!

I QUIT drinking Diet Soda for 100 days, this is what happened!

In September 2020 I quit drinking Diet Coke and Pepsi Max (and all other diet drinks) to see what the health benefits would be.

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  1. Been drinking Diet Coke/Sodas since I was at least 11/12. I’m 24 now and I’m finally kicking this addiction to the curb with reducing the amount I have each day and then banning it out of my life completely. It’s gonna be a struggle but I’ve got enough willpower and support behind me!❤️

  2. im on day 3, ive gotten a skin rash in my face, have strange blood sugar spikes and feel kinda shaky at times to the point of almost being nauseas. My headaches are more intense and my mood is kinda flat.Its not sad not happy Im just apathetic. So I guess im exactly where I should be. Im gonna enjoy it. been drinking Pepsi and Coke for 30 years lol

  3. I love me some Diet Coke. I am going to try and give it up. Thank you for sharing your journey with Diet Coke and your funny awesome personality!!

  4. I was obsessed with Diet Coke/Coke Zero…bad, at times 2 liters a day. I quit. My family never thought I would be able to. My husband passed away suddenly. When we had the task from hell of going through his tools in the garage, I found a 6 pack of Coke Zero hidden behind them. Our kids said, "When you quit drinking that, Dad got these and hid them. He said if you got really crazy or upset wanting one, just to toss you one and run." 😂😂 How could I not love that man??

  5. I used to drink lots of Cola.
    I switched to Cola Zero once I decided to lose weight, and lost around 13 kg in 4 months.

  6. That was Soo cute your family there on Christmas. Congrats. I just had probably the third conversation with my dentist how my diet coke habit is killing my teeth. I am going to try my best to kick the habit 🙏 Your video is inspiring thank u

  7. What is the name of the app you use? Is it called last
    I couldn’t find it on my android phone. Is there another app that does the same thing.

  8. Ever since my anxiety got bad in 2018 I’ve drank Pepsi max every day out of a bottle sometimes 2 litre bottles and also I crave choclate only the brand twirl.. I’ve tried to stop but I always just end up having it I can’t have an hour without Pepsi and I can’t have a day without chocolate

  9. I am a diet soda addict! I looooove Coke Zero. I’ve tried to ween myself off diet soda many times but it is so hard. I can drink 2liters a day easily. I have fasted for long periods of time to reset my palate. It usually works. I have gone 3 months without it. However I always fall back into my old habits! The struggle is so real! However, your video has inspired me to try again starting next Monday. Wish me luck

  10. I switched from 2ltr of coke a day to coffee, so I was only giving up one addition at a time. Then I tried to give up coffee for tea… But then decided not to and stuck with coffee 🙂

  11. nice video but sweeteners are in all types of products, including protein powder and pre workouts, it’s not bad for you in anyway

  12. I quit all kinds of soda ( except sparkling water , which I don’t like much ) and i too started to use last , back then there was no subscription and i just bought the full version and i still have that
    It’s been over 500 days since i had any kind of soda
    And ever since I started using last , i quit a bunch of things , the highlights are
    Any kind of pure fruit juice
    And also the hardest one for me : french fries
    I recommend the app very highly
    But ever since I started to use last ,

  13. I’m a CPT, SNS, and competitive bodybuilder. I can attest, not only from personal experience but from a scientific perspective, that it’s not the artificial sweetener, it’s the sodium. The sodium combined with the sweetness. That’s why you crave it after workouts, because your electrolytes are depleted – your body wants the sodium.

  14. This was a silly video. Sugar is poison and it makes u fat. Artificial sweeteners have been show for years to have no adverse effects. It also does not in any way effect your body the same way sugar does.

  15. I haven’t had a diet beverage since Independence Day. I had some Trident Gum handy so I finished it around the 10th or so and since then, I haven’t had any artificial sweeteners of any kind. I’m still drinking a lot of tea (cold with no sweeteners, like God intended) but I miss my diet colas. I plan to stick with the program tho’. Cheers!

  16. I’m now beginning my soda free lifestyle.
    It’s not to lose weight It’s to flatten my stomach.
    Insulin resistance I believe to be the problem.
    So I’m going to cut sugar all together for 30 days to see what’s what.
    Double the water intake, and get rid if the fizzy.

  17. Aspartame makes the body retain water in fat cells… Aspartame is the same molecular family as Formaldehyde and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG the chinese flavor enhancing salt))

  18. I’m obsessed with Coke zero, Pepsi Zero, Diet Dr pepper omg is so good too, and both Diet Mt Dew and Mt Dew zero sugar. You see why it hard for me to break away from these drinks is because I live in Florida and it is Hot 24/7 even in the winter months and my goodness a taste of Mt Dew zero in the hot sun after a jog feels like Heaven in my mouth. Same with Diet Dr Pepper. Diet Dr pepper has more Pepper taste than regular Dr pepper. Also I tried the Dr Pepper zero, but there is no difference imo. But with all these diet/zero sugar soda’s I don’t gain any weight BUT I don’t loose it either, it just keeps me the same, and so I just work out like 45 min a day and now I’m starting to drop some pounds. 🤷🏽‍♂️ So I guess it just depends on your body.

  19. I have been drinking diet soda for at least 25 years now, this video motivated me to give it up COLD TURKEY! Thank you, and Wish me luck.

  20. My addiction is diet Mountain Dew. I am fat, my gut looks like a witches cauldron:) So I am going to start vlogging my fitness journey at 55 years old.

  21. Great video. Unfortunately science doesn’t agree with the many, many sensational videos on YouTube claiming that artificial sweeteners force an insulin response, nor do they cause your body to ‘store fat more easily’ – nonsense.
    If you take a look at the results of a number of medical studies that have been done, drinking diet soda compared to water when maintaining a good diet and an exercise plan actually gives you better results in terms of both weight loss and weight maintenance… https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4744961/pdf/OBY-24-297.pdf
    Completely agree with you though that kicking the caffeine addiction as well as the cost saving are definitely a couple of benefits!

  22. Nice story mate, I have found something to drink that’s very healthy, cheap and tasty: I cold steep tea and herbal tea overnight and just add a bit of local unpasteurized honey, just enough to make it a little sweet. My favorites are earl grey for the morning, lemon ginger is great and is my favorite cough medicine, berry herbal tea is surprisingly good too but anything you dig can make a super healthy drink and it’s incredibly cheap. Honey has some terrific properties and herbal teas have plenty of benefits too, basically I have stopped buying anything to drink from big corporations, my body and my wallet are both in better shape for it.

  23. Such a shame. I was hoping for some results. Not just, you don’t miss it. What’s the point of quitting just so you quit missing it? If you aren’t doing any better, what’s the point of suffering to begin with? I’ve lost 130 pounds drinking diet soda. I need a video with serious benefits to quitting. Was hoping you would say something about brain fog or something. Your skin looked good on day 1 anyways. You seemed full of energy on day 1 as well. So the few things you hear about, isn’t there. I don’t care about having a sensitive tongue to sweet lol. That is natural over time of not eating sugar anyways

  24. If you’re drinking sugar free squash, then you’re still consuming aspartame (or other "chemicals") and isn’t Kombucha absolutely loaded with sugar? 😉

    I spent years downing Diet Cokes (and running to the loo every 5 minutes) to get me through the day at work. I also, endlessly chewed sugar free gum. I now find the taste of Diet Coke absolutely vile.

    Recently, I decided to ditch the sugar free squashes I was drinking, albeit 2x a day and went in search of some aspartame free squashes and struggled to find any apart from Ribena, which weirdly tastes nowhere near as sweet as the sugar free varieties, at the same dilution.

  25. I quit for a month or 2 as well.. right now stressed and tired from internship and work, gyms also closed for 3 months again now.. grabbed the diet coke again for the caffeine to get me thru the internship.. once this internship is over quitting again and gonna quit again. Hopefully the withdrawl won’t kill me roght away😂

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