I Wrote A Diet Book & It’s The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done.

I Wrote A Diet Book & It’s The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done.

Reviewing “The Science of Eating Raw,” the book I wrote when I was a crazy raw foodist. hahahaha i’m going insane


Esophageal cancer


Plant Protein: A Vegan Nutrition Primer


My MSG video

Dieting is hard

Insulin resistance and fat intake

Alkaline diets

Appeal to nature

Appeal to authority




Calcium & bone health

Calcium: Research


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  1. ✨Friendly reminder ✨that fats and lipids are so important .
    💡Your brain matter is about 50-60% lipids ! Skin is also partially made up of a layer of fats to insulate body heat.
    💪Next is ESSENTIAL Amino Acids , we just arent capable of synthesiizing some amino acids thats why we need to obtain them through foods. BUT PROTEIN is just a broad term! Amino acids is much more specific. A food can be lacking in some amino acids while high in others.

  2. You’re so rational, it’s really refreshing. I keep returning to your channel because of your neutrality, honesty and integrity, not to mention your pithy humour. It’s really admirable that you can be so transparent.
    I think more people would eat a higher proportion of plant foods if there wasn’t so much cherry picking and propaganda pushing, because it makes people distrust the entire message. So thank you for doing your (very important) bit to undo that trend, and just being straight up with people.

  3. I really appreciate your honesty! And I have noticed in my life the long term vegans around me aren’t following anyone’s diets… always have nuts and seeds and even oil (gasp) in their diet. As for raw foodists looking good, there’s a few, but they definitely don’t restrict fat. Lou Corona and that ok raw dude seem quite healthy… good for them, but I ain’t trying it 🤣

  4. Just discovered you and have been binge watching your content – MAD RESPECT – you are one of a kind and truly make the world a better place!

  5. Why do you still do this? You skim the service of topics you know nothing about, like psychology, and make videos that tens of thousands of people see. Stop it.

  6. "Can’t wait til you’re saying the same thing about veganism in general" this is what one of your viewers said.. and yeah I can see what good of a job you’re doing there.. why do you have to wear a mask in the first place huh?..
    This is just so frustrating to see.. people like you.. who doesn’t even have adequate knowledge but goes around debunking people..
    You’re such a disgrace to the vegan community… I know some vegans don’t have enough of knowledge.. but yeah that person was wrong ..
    Carnivore diet is never healthy..
    Also.. I just google human teeth and was astonished to find that human teeth resembled that of an herbivore .. and I could rarely see those sharp canines people use to base their false beliefs on..
    Yeah ..admittedly I do have sharp canines.. but my mum and sis’s ones are those of an herbivore. Mine is like that of a vamp’s … I first though that they’re unusual and then I googled it as most people do..
    And I was disappointed to see that human teeth doesn’t have those sharp canines. ..
    Some people do ..so I would say.. it varies from person to person..
    I seen so many biased docs and their beliefs..there might be some here as well..
    By the way.. before you presume something about me.. lemme give a brief introduction of myself..
    I’m a 15 year old girl.. vegan..
    I turned vegan just cuz of my meat allergies .. I was always allergic fishes and dairy but that didn’t bother me ..as my mum cooks things from scratch and takeaways were never allowed..in my house…
    My body couldn’t tolerate meat.. I was obese , high cholesterol , difficulty breathing , rashes , digestive issues , constipation.. etc..
    My mum’s always been a vegetarian but she didn’t want to take any kinda risk as most people warned her (and I loved everything about meat :taste , texture, smell..everything ).. but as it turned out it wasn’t a great decision..
    Now I’ve been vegan for like over 2 years and doing great.. (I love coconut oil) ..mum’s mum a vegan too (15years..even tried vegan version of keto and intermitted fasting and rocked ) … she’s doing good if not better..
    With that said.. with profound veneration .. I would request you to remove your mask and come out ..of that character..
    Cuz you would be the most annoying ex vegan.

  7. It’s hilarious how people are more prone to muscle and bone loss on a stupid fruit diet but frugivores claim the opposite.

  8. So you are vegan and saying its OK to eat meat?! What a quack!!!And by the way vit. D its easy to get just go out in the sun . Food is not a source for vid . D!!

  9. Retrospect being a gift, I feel like this video and a lot of other videos on this channel have helped me become more self-effacing and less afraid of admitting to myself that I’m wrong or have been wrong about things; and that’s ok. I’m not going to get it right 100% of all the time; and that kind of perfectionism is setting myself up for failure

  10. Aw sweet
    Gotta love How Swayze doesn’t sweep her mistakes under the rug and confronts her past. Love your straightforwardness

  11. I wish to thank you for showing that any idiot with enough determination can somehow publish and sell a book that spews an incredible amount of garbage “information” that people decide to try to guide their lives by what the book sells as its premise, and that sometimes, people can admit they’ve screwed up.

    I seriously hope nobody was harmed by this.

    I also know the garbage spewed by Ancel Keys has seriously harmed a huge number of people in guidance towards the Standard American Diet based on cherry-picked “data” and bullying everyone else that didn’t fall in line with his views.

    A truly useful thing this experience should do is perhaps scare the crap out of anyone with a conscience to even think about writing a book of this sort in the thought they may be horribly wrong, including letting their moral biases and various cognitive bias issues cause problems by adding or removing something for publishing.

  12. There’s a local raw vegan restaurant here. I think it’s a nice little treat sometimes for my body. I couldn’t do it all the time!

  13. You caused me to reduce my meat consumption to very low levels and my dairy is now all organic and free-range (I know that’s not perfect but it’s still much better than the cheaper options). Where I live in the UK, organic eggs and dairy farms have much better welfare standards than the alternatives. I still eat fish and I can’t imagine ever being completely vegan, but I am on a journey to being more conscious about what I eat and I realise I am making a really big impact with what I have done already.

  14. Humans have been eating cooked food since at least Homo erectus/ergaster. I believe that it’s even possible that earlier Homo was beginning to use, just not control fire. Like they would use natural fires or even learn how to keep a flame alive but not know how to start it themselves until erectus.

  15. Can’t wait til you’re saying the same thing about veganism in general. Hugs. Seriously no hate. Just comfort and hugs. ❤

  16. Wow you are a complete different person now. It makes me wonder what I’ll be doing in the future😂

  17. I love how you’re brave enough to call yourself out and hold yourselves accountable ❤️✨❤️

  18. One reason I respect you is that you are always willing to review your own ideas and follow new evidence.

  19. I didn’t believe your stuff but I followed you from the start because I liked your personality. It was great seeing you grow and evolving

  20. Yeah.. you were stupid back then
    Remove that mask.. you don’t have to pretend.. nobody’s forcing you to be a vegan ..unless you really wanna sabotage veganism and encourage flesh eating monsters to continue that barbarous crime…

  21. I’m a couple of years late.. but I’ve always had respect for you, and now i have even MORE respect for you💕 much love :))) and blessings

  22. As a 20 year vegan with cancer— yeah- s*(&^ happens. Our genes matter. <3 You’re still may fav online vegan for your honesty and logical stance. Good for you!!!

  23. I very much enjoy your channel. However…….

    Do NOT attack my fruits!!!!

    I LOVE frozen bananas and soaked dates and persimmon and mamey. I know you didnt attack the last two but I know you were thinking about it.

    Fuck your peaches and blueberries and papaya. Those are good but they’re overrated.


    That is all. Love your videos! 🙂

    Ps I also love peaches and blueberries I was just upset earlier.
    And papayas not that bad if you can get past the stink of vomit.

  24. Raw pastured meat is different you are ignorant….you look unhealthy mentioned you in my videos

  25. Yes someone who can own up and can change! I have a lot of respect for you… people change, evolve, obtain new knowledge… why is this so hard for people to understand

  26. Swayze, THIS growth and realizing and debunking your own mistakes is why I watch your channel. You are so authentic, intelligent, and have inspired me to eat more plant-based (vegetarian). I love you and your channel so much!

  27. “Protein” aka amino acids from fruits & vegetables is MORE bioavailable than complex protein from meat. The human body cannot use protein at all..we need amino acids. So any animal protein needs to undergo a heavily acidic experience the break down the protein into usable amino acids…which means it’s less bioavailable. The state of one’s digestion dictates how much protein can be broken down effectively into usable amino acids…but why not just spare yourself the heavily acidic experience of having to break down the complex, unusable proteins of grains & meat into amino acids. Also, Your negativity is contagious 😷 ..thanks

  28. Back in the 90s raw food, frugitarianism, dumpster diving, and Phish concerts were all binned together. Live and let live. I guess now though it’s all about science-ish discourse. I moved towards a more vegan vegetarian diet, and YouTube puts a lot of raw videos in my searches now.

  29. In my 20s I lived off fried potatoes & fish (fish & chips), cider & cigarettes. I felt great at the time, but it wasn’t healthy.

  30. One thing I forgot to say: beyond being the right thing to do, admitting I was wrong was so worth it on a personal level. Though it was hard, especially given I was wrong so publicly and that admitting it meant making a lot less money, it was an immediate weight off my shoulders and meat I could move on with my life. I never would have met my partner if I had doubled down and stayed a crazy raw foodist! I’m a million times more successful and a million times happier now than I was 7 years ago.

    Anyone feeling like they can’t admit they messed up, even if it seems like the world will end if you do, you are doing YOURSELF more harm by not coming forward. Rip that band aid off beesh. <3

  31. There is still a lot of 100% raw dogmatic belief from raw foodists. I think your book started Raw Kristina jk.

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