Is COKE ZERO healthy for weight loss? – Does it make you gain weight?

Is COKE ZERO healthy for weight loss? – Does it make you gain weight?

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Dr. Nuesse discusses Coke Zero, a popular zero calorie drink. Is Coke Zero healthy for weight loss. Will it make you gain weight?

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  1. i’m doing my diet by fasting for 18 hours per day and 6 hours time to break my fast, at that time while I break my fast can I still drink coke zero? and is it healthy?

  2. Crave more sugar? I’m using Canderel for my coffee but I dont crave anything sweet. How can 0 calorie sweetener make you fat when it’s 0? Calories in calories out. This is juz more spews for more views. 🤦‍♂️

  3. Coke zero does not raise insulin levels. you are spreading fake news on this. i agree it is not good for you but you can do your own tests and realize how readily available it is to see that there is no adjustment in insulin levels.

  4. Hey if anyone actually watched til the end, can you tell me if it is or not, I don’t wanna wait through all this filler

  5. Not too difficult here, cut out sodas and drink water. If there is one meal a day you have to have a soda then have one of these. Not rocket surgery here folks.

  6. I’ve ate a calorie deficit and have drank 2-3 coke zero’s every day for 6 months and I have consistently lost 1-2 lbs a week. I used to weigh 225, and i now weigh 185. So i’m going to have to disagree with this assessment.

  7. I’m pre-diabetic and I check my blood sugar levels 2 to 4 times a day. Not a single diet drink with Aspartame, including Coke Zero, has ever spiked my blood sugar levels. In fact, they rarely even raise it all. Because I’m pre-diabetic, I am on a low carb, low sugar, high protein, high fiber diet. I like soda. When I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, my choice was to give soda up altogether or switch to diet sodas. So I switched to diet sodas. I drink water. I drink milk. I drink non-sugary juices. But I like soda with my dinner. In the past, I’ve lost 30lbs on this diet WITH the diet sodas with Aspartame in them. I maintain and still lose weight on this diet. Eat protien and eat fiber and you get the energy you need and the satisfaction of feeling full. Maybe you should do your own research and interview people who actually have to live on these diets everyday. Sure, if you drink Coke Zero and then eat a two Double Whoppers and a helping of large fries, you’re probably going to gain weight. But if you drink a Coke Zero and eat a lean fat turkey burger on a whole grain, high fiber hamburger bun with a nice size side helping of almond flour French fries dipped in a no sugar added ketchup, you’re getting lots of protein, a nice helping of fiber, and nearly no carbs or sugar. You’re going to be satisfied, and you’re not going to pack on the weight. How would I know? Because I do this every single day. Protien for energy, fiber for sustained satisfaction against hunger, and low carbs and sugars to drop the weight. I’m pre-diabetic because I didn’t take care of myself. That’s my fault. This diet, with Aspartame, has helped me drop the weight, drop my A1C to near normal levels, and has made me feel healthier than I’ve felt in years.

  8. So drinking Coke Zero alone won’t make you gain weight however it makes you crave more calories which then leads to further weight gain?

  9. Craving sugar sounds different than actually have the sugar. If you drink one of these and don’t have any other sugar, what then?

  10. Your 2 situation doesnt apply to those who doesnt crave. I mean, if a research shows people gain weight because they crave more sugar thus eat more sugar, its not really a valid research isnt it? The link you gave is just an observation report.

    Im no doctor. But im the guy hospital refers to to approve medication used by the hospital. And for my professional assessment, no, aspartame doesnt make you gain weight. It numbs down your insulin receptor after >50mg of intake, but that is pretty much impossible if you even remotely mind your intake. It takes 500 cans of coke zero to achieve that.

    If you take more sugar after than that is a problem with intake, not with artificial sweetener. Lots of us have discipline. We drink these drinks to get rid of crave, not to add crave.

  11. Calories in minus calories out. If you drink/ eat less calories you WILL lose weight. It’s that simple. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either ignorant or trying to sell you a narrative/ product.

  12. Coke zero helps curb my sweet going to test my sugar levels after drinking it vs regular coke vs stevia coke (that you mentioned )

  13. Actively losing weight and I drink 4-5 cans of Coke 0 per week; no sweet cravings, no difficulties losing weight. Not here to shill for Coke/diet drinks or to dispute studies, but since I’m actively losing weight while studies suggest that I shouldn’t be, yeah, color me skeptical if not unconvinced as of yet.

  14. I mean I get what he is saying but Coke Zero by itself does not make you gain weight, you need self control not to eat sugar after or while drinking if

  15. Zero coke is very dangerous because it tricks your mind when you drink zero coke you can get cancer from that you when you drink it you the mind will know that it is sweet so you gain weight from it DO NOT DRINK ZERO COKE OR NO CALORIES DRINKS !!!

  16. This is just another doctor who uses his qualifications as a means to manipulate information and sale products from undisclosed sponsors or marketers. Evidence of this, is talked about the negative effects of artificial sweeteners without any information for positive effects. Artificial sweeteners were developed to solve a problem, not just to be a clone of a pre-existing problem. So where is the information on the positive help effects of human engineered sweetest, so you can cross compare two opposing sets of data to an educated conclusion, that’s both informative and educative. The other thing is you promoted a product you “personal use” without giving any information on health positive effects, other then just saying in my own paraphrase of your information, that it just works. Why does it work? If you just gave information about diet soda where’s the information on this healthy drink you’re talking about. The final thing is you literally promoted your own product with no real info on it.

  17. I don’t know what it does to the body neurologically but I do know that I and many people I know simply switched to drinking Coke Zero instead of the classic and lost a lot of weight.

  18. The first linked study cites two old epidemiology studies where people matched for bmi were asked after a period of time on their use of aspartame products. Those who said they used more aspartame, had a higher BMI at the end. But of course they would. People use aspartame to lose weight. So only those with weight problems would use aspartame products. This is a deeply flawed study.

  19. So, if i’m on calorie deficit, i still can drink coke zero, not consume extra sugar after it and i still will be on deficit?

  20. ok so i lost 140 pounds and all I drank was coke zero and ate good whole foods. so your theory does not work at all. What makes you lose weight is being in a calorie deficit. You are a CON actist who prays on people who are desperate to lose weight and you should be ashamed by it. You sell damn pills that at the end of the day won’t do anything if person is not in a calorie deficit.

  21. I had gone on a keto/intermittent fasting diet before drinking only water and lost about 45 lbs in 3 months . Then started drinking diet coke even with the same diet and gained almost all of that weight back. Really glad I found this video and found out why

  22. Its all about calories in v.s calories out. Coke no sugar or coke zero have no calories. So its physically impossible to gain weight (fat) drinking this diet soda, it will not make you gain weight. To many calories makes you gain weight. Its literally science. Yes it contains artificial sweetners but it is alot better than full fat sugar which is high in calories. Theres no studies that suggest that artifical sweetners are harmful. The sun is more harmful. And probably more likely to get cancer from the son then from a coke zero.

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