Is diet soda BAD for you? Are there HEALTH RISKS?

Is diet soda BAD for you? Are there HEALTH RISKS?

Are diet sodas really as bad as some people make them out to be? It just takes a few searches online, and the negativity and fear mongering around diet drinks is very clear to see.

But what is the truth about diet sodas? Is there justification for all the fear, or have people’s attitudes been formed by sensationalist media pieces and content designed to drive high views?

As someone who consumes diet drinks, I’ve always been of the “everything in moderation” mindset. I think they taste good, they’re great for dealing with sugar cravings and helping you stick to a calorie controlled diet. But there is so much negative press out there about diet drinks, it made me wonder if I’m actually risking my health by consuming them.

So in this video I have looked at the most common objections to diet sodas, and looked at whether there is any science to back them up. Now different brands of sodas will all have slightly different ingredients. So for simplicity I have focused on Diet Coke/Coke Zero, and this is the most popular brand.

These are the common health risks and objections normally associated with diet sodas that I investigate in the video

They are full of chemicals
– Are these chemicals toxic and bad for your health?
– Is it healthier to drink the full sugar counterpart?
They cause weight gain and diabetes
– Despite being 0 calories, there are plenty of claims that they cause weight gain and diabetes
-I look into the studies to see if there is any truth to this
Apartame is bad for you / poisonous
– Aspartame is blamed for a multitude of health concerns, and has been highly criticised since it was controversially approved by the FDA in 1981
– What do the studies actually show? Is there any data to support the health claims?
They contain BPA
– BPA, or Bisphenol A is known to have some pretty nasty effects on the body
– Do diet sodas contain BPA?
Artificial Sweeteners raise insulin
– Another popular claim, but is there any proof to this?
– What is the impact if they do?
The chemicals in diet sodas are bad for your gut bacteria
– Is this true, and what is the impact of this on your health?
Diet sodas are bad for your teeth and bones
– Can non-sugar drinks really be bad for your teeth?
– Do they really have an effect on bone density?

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  1. I noticed that when I switched to Coke Zero and carbonated waters sweetened with Stevia over any sugary soda, I lost 30 pounds within a couple of months, and it stayed off. Then I drank a case of sugary soda as a treat for my 34th birthday and immediately gained 10 pounds back.. So now I’m back to Coke Zero and the weight is staying off. It’s crazy.

  2. Hi Luke, great video. Questions in my mind about diet coke are now answered. But wait ive been drinking 3 cans of coke zero a day for 3months up to now… I hope it doesn’t pose a serious health risk to my body…

  3. The fda also says vitamins dont do anything for your health… and cannabis has no health benefits. Just remember boys and galls that there is only one actually drink and thats water and titty milk lol

    *juice from fruit if you must*
    the fda doesnt approve of this statement

  4. Good video but it was not made clear whether the inner lining that is in contact with the soda is aluminium or plastic (Bisfenol A). Can sb inform me?

  5. I try not to drink it while it touches my teeth. I drink 1.5 liters of Zero a day and I’ve gotten in the best shape of my life; even though it’s good for your body because it’s nothing, sucks to drink water since it’s bland, but with Coke Zero and diet sodas in general you’re really just drinking water with more stuff on top that doesn’t do much.

  6. to begin with, it tastes good, not sufficient as an argument but it is an argument, why is everybody trying to hijack this argument ? what tastes good can make you feel better, that’s a huge thing in itself.

  7. Artifical Sweeteners suck for me. They give me a hunger feeling I can’t satisfy, I feel like I’ll go crazy from it… So yeah. Screw diet sodas.

  8. I drink a 2 liter bottle of Coke Zero daily,I don’t care about organ damage or shit,but will it make me fat,or affect my muscle gain

  9. The simple answer is artificial sweetener, but a patenthas confirmed what the commonly used sugar substitute aspartame is really made of: the feces of genetically modified E. coli bacteria. … The proteins are then collected and treated in a process called methylation to produce the sweetener

  10. I like this video, but I cant help but think that it’s only because it’s telling me i can keep doing what i like, confirming my bias

  11. I think that smoking or drinking is by far more dangerous than drinking a diet coke but no one says anything…

  12. The classic I’ve heard is aspartame is associated with increased risk of dementia. Any evidence to suggest this may be true?

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