Low impact, beginner, fat burning, home cardio workout. ALL standing!

Low impact, beginner, fat burning, home cardio workout. ALL standing!


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Today’s beginner cardio workout can be taken part at your own pace, pause whenever you have to and enjoy moving.


  1. Thank you, Team Body Project. Finally I’ve found 20mins+ exercise that I can accomplish without missing a single step. I’ll take this as my daily exercise and check other exercises in this channel. Plus, I love how the people in the video give a positive energy. It motivates me more. 💖

  2. Woooh nice really burnt out…my day one hope to get better…recommended by a work mate good job

  3. I was so relieved when he said "and if your marching through, that’s fine too" I had no idea just how uncoordinated I am! The encouragement was awesome. I did my best and plan to master this workout!

  4. I love your workouts…I have a bad knee that still hurts after surgery last year and your workouts really help.

    Sure I’m sweaty and tired by the end but it makes me feel so much better


  5. I just did this video and it was really great!!! The encouragement had me smiling a lot. It was challenging enough that I was sweating by the end but it really was beginner friendly and I was able to do all the moves. I only stopped once to fill up my water bottle and was proud of myself for that 🙂 I liked that they kept saying that it’s not a punishment and to like marvel in being able to move my body like that. It was very nice! Will probably be moving on to a harder one tomorrow but I’m looking forward to it!!! And I fucking hate working out usually!!

    I’m Brazilian sooo I’ll write in portuguese 😀

    Algumas informações:
    Altura: 1,66cm
    Peso: 118,0kg
    Meta: 65kg

    Day 1: É o primeiro vídeo de exercícios que eu consegui fazer com sucesso!!! Estou tão feliz com isso que vou repetir o vídeo e treinar mais um pouquinho…

    Day 2: Hiii! Devo confessar que estou ficando animada!!! Completei o vídeo e encontrei outro do canal e consegui fazer até a metade, isso me deixa contente!

    Day 3: OH GOSH! Estou me sentindo um saco de pancadas amanheci com o corpo dolorido e de noite me deu uma vontade de treinar… Eu fiz os exercícios mais lentamente do que nos outros dias pois TODO o meu corpo dói ;-; mas, tudo bem! É apenas o começo 😀

  7. I love all your workout videos. I lost 15 pounds in just 3 months. Keep motivating other people. You guys are the best! God bless y’all.♥️🙏🏽♥️

  8. Just right! Just finished my third day of this. I’m not very coordinated that’s for sure, but i can really GO! And that’s what’s most important!

  9. Liked the workout but I had a problem with him always pi king on the overweight woman

  10. Great workout! Well done everyone! I try to do this workout 3 x a week before I go to work. I love all the motivational phrases. Keep it up. Thank you very much! 🤩

  11. Decided yesterday I want to take back control of my physical health after everything covid, barely leaving home, packing on the pounds and having mental health struggles. Found this video and decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did! I went from 0 exercise to 21 minutes of this video! I feel tired but I’m excited to do it all again tomorrow and aim to be able to complete the full workout within 7 days! Thank you Body project for good motivation and encouraging me to take this at my own pace! I made it way further than I thought I would today!

    Now off to shower cause I definitely need one 😅

  12. I have been recovering from a hysterectomy done in February and recently went back to work. I’ve been doing some light exercises to keep me busy but apparently today I chose to change it up and do something different. I was able to do the workout at my own pace and felt comfortable doing so. I plan on doing this often to maintain my health and get the benefits.

  13. At the beginning of the exercise I was feeling so bored and tired but after finishing it… it gave such a HUGE boost of energy and cheerfulness! I really really loved it! I was trying to do 10 min strength exercises because I feel so impatient to do more than that but honestly it made for such a good warmup that I felt much more capable to do everything else after this workout. ^^

  14. I found this channel through this video which I did 2 days ago. My legs were soooo sore!! Jesus I could barely stand and sit down lol

  15. Thank you so much for these amazing workouts. I’ve been following and enjoying your workouts for several months, and I do it every day. Your workouts really fun and easy.

  16. After pregnancy and a bad injury I ballooned 150 pounds. I m restarting my weight loss journey today, and am grateful for your workout which is manageable for me as I slowly recover. Thank you so much!

  17. I really enjoyed this as someone who stopped gyming due to a back injury and having gained weight after. I love keeping moving in this way. It’s helping me get fitter. Thank you! Also this is truly a good beginner workout. I’ve tried many youtube workouts they’re not for beginners.

  18. Team Body, thank you for a fantastic workout, recovering from covid, health and fitness level hit rock bottom, really enjoyed this workout, thank you🙏🏼

  19. Thank you so much for this. After 2 years of being in bed and in and out of hospitals, I’ve lost most of my strength. I’m trying hard to push myself to be able to gain my happiness back. I cried tears of joy when I was able to complete this workout. I appreciate you guys.

  20. I love how each videos a different exercise. This one is my favorite because of all the adrenaline. Time flies when I do this video because it’s a new exercise throughout the whole video. Having the trainers with different levels of their journey helps me get through the video because if you guys can do it I can too. This makes me break a sweat! Thank you for showing me that you can break a sweat and have fun while exercising.

  21. I don’t like exercises, but this is the 1st that I do and finished!! I’m so proud of myself! I’ve lost 26 pounds only eating healthy and needed to do exercises but it’s so boring to me, but this was really entertaining!! I loved it!

  22. Love love love her! So encouraging and it feels like a friend working out with you not a robot fitness model, although she looks amazing!

  23. OMG!! I literally cried at the end. I had no idea 30 minutes had passed and I didn’t stop once. He’s so encouraging and makes it fun. And then the ladies in the back! ❤ They look like normal, everyday people. They smiled but also showed "Yea, I’m tired, but I’m gonna keep going" which made me want to keep going.

    Definitely subscribed now and gonna do one of these per day along with a 2 mile walk and cleaner eating. I’m so excited for this journey. Thank you all for this video. 🤗❤

  24. I’m a beginner with a lot of health issues some of them I believe are down to my weight I have just bitten the bullet and gave this ago and omg I’m not disappointed I feel amazing and even though I pushed my body to the max I didn’t feel pressured! Fantastic workout thank you team 🥰

  25. As soon as the work out ended, I broke down. I just started crying. I’m not new to working out but I’m a stay at home mom and have been struggling to keep up with my regular work outs. It took everything in me to do this work out today but I did it. Everything he was saying through out just hit me. I’m strong, I’m a warrior & I will remember this tomorrow. Thank you for this 🙏🏼

  26. Me encantó!!! Nice workout guys 🙂
    Definitely what I was looking for to come back in fitness after a long pause! I loved it!!

  27. After trying workout challenges time and time again and giving up after 1 week, I’m starting to believe I will never achieve my fitness goals. I tried this workout today and actually had FUN?! It wasn’t crazy difficult, but I was still puffing. I finally found something that feels like it could be sustainable, thank you! The only thing that will make this better is if I get any results.. fingers crossed 🙂

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