1. Not a fan of the silver metal because of twisting the knee and hard on the ankles. All together too much for me. But by the gold i was sweating bullets!

  2. I really enjoy this workout. My 5 year old daughter even joins in for some of it. We love the music 🌟

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  6. The part with Alex doing the heel Jack’s and dancing so dumb. She’s there laughing the other two people can’t do it. Lame

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  9. Daniel says c’’mon at the exact right time when you feel you’re about to give up 🤣 Amazing workout!! Thank you

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  11. Good gosh I love the whole crew; Daniel is so incredibly generous with the encouragement; Kristen your smile keeps me going; and Alex you just have so much bouncy joy over this. Thank you all so much for this exercise I feel so good right now!

  12. So I’m kinda documenting my workouts through you. After each workout I am so proud. Today was my third workout and I made it the entire video without stopping. This is after sitting on the coach for 3 years just waiting on my life to pass me by after losing my son. However, your videos have encouraged me to get up and change and I’m so thankful. You’re awesome!!!

  13. Actually awesome. Day 3 of your cardio workouts and i think I’m hoooked. This was my favourite so far

  14. Just done this for the first time 🥵 I’m soaked! Loved it! The longest I’ve done too! ❤️ 512 calories burned woop woop!

  15. First, I say the Silver Medal is harder than the Gold. Second, you guys are wonderful. Real and funny and inspiring and professional

  16. After working daily on this (admittedly I took a week off in the beginning), I’m starting to see small bits of progress, things I couldn’t do early on. That said, I haven’t jumped since my twenties; I’m turning 55 soon, July 1. My goal is to do jumping jacks to scotties (is that what you call it the other way?), at least enough to follow along, by my birthday. That will be my best gift to my health in a long while.
    I can’t thank you guys enough. Listening to the encouraging words, being given various choices, seeing people of varying forms working out, really helps. I feel like I’m in this as a team!
    YA KNOW SOMETHING Y’ALL HAVEN’T THOUGHT OF: a zoom exercise meet-up! Let people join in at their homes, and exercise right along with y’all, where we can see everybody else attempting it at the same time… wouldn’t that be a hoot?!!

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  18. I just love this workout! ♥️♥️♥️ my week ain’t complete without doing this! 😊 thank you, team body project! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  19. I absolutely LOVE 💕 Team Body!!! I have been doing workouts for almost 2 weeks now and I feel so much better!!! I never want to stop moving to these videos, ever!! I love the people! This is my new way of life!!! 🤩🙏✌️🌈😘

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