1. Dear, now the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is found: radiation of microwave-oven(magnetron).
    To stop you have to eliminate the oven out of the house.Attention: radiation goes through walls, it can come from your neighbours.
    The plug out of electricity net because the oven has also radiation when it is not in use.And out of the house because the oven has a high voltage capacitor.
    The distance between an oven and a person is very important.After a 3 months without microwaves health becomes better.
    The victims are more sensible and also the distance between victim and oven is important.After long time obesity is possible.
    (Also possible: nightmares, change of character)Most people with a microwave arent chronically ill because some people are more sensitive for microwaves, also the distance person/microwave is very important. The oven in another place is more safe. The radiation become less when the oven gets older.Some ovens give less radiation then others. In Russia the less radiation is allowed by law.
    I had much very positive reactions, some people recovered entirely. Sometimes not because it was being tired through other causes or diseases,not the real cfs.Take everyday a vitamin D supplement because almost everyone have to little.(attention: it cures only CFS,not other diseases with fatigue)

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