In many of my live sessions on my YouTube channel We R Stupid, I have consistently asked all my viewers and clients in India, to study nutrition from the Indian perspective. I mostly refer to many amazing Indian textbooks on nutrition and believe me they are as good as their international counterparts. But the best thing is that, you get to study nutrition from the perspective of the Indian diet, which is the most important but extremely neglected information.

Just like other things, we Indians have an innate attachment to anything western,even if it is of inferior quality. We always think, that is it is international, it would be automatically better. But, this is far from the truth. We should evaluate and analyze each thing individually, not based on our preconceived perceptions.

The best part about Indian textbooks is not just the good content, but the extremely affordable price, as compared to international books, which may cost abomb, sometimes as much as eight to twelve thousand for a single book.

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  2. sir mujhe nutrition me bohot intrest hai lekin mujhe English nahi aati sir please hindi me bataye please hindi medium valo pe bhi kirpa kardo tohdi

  3. All books he told we studied at graduation level pg level was horrible cuz those pg level books were sreemadbhagwatgeeta , bible types

  4. The reason why I would stay away from these recommendations as these have a bias. You will never see any of Indian Authors a a fish or atleast eggs on their cover. This is the fundamental flaw as these authors target only veg audience. I respect veg , non veg , vegan etc but would rather spend my money on Authors who have a bias free holistic and honest approach about nutritional science.. itโ€™s just my opinion and I am nobody.. Thank you

  5. so much information and so little appreciation for the man

    respect for the man who is really trying to help people understand things on nutrition

  6. Sir Jii Mai Kafi Time se indian Nutrition and Dietetics and Healthy food ke upar padhne ke liye Excited tha. Thanks for the help

  7. Will these books be a difficult read for someone who does not have a biology background after 10th?
    Thanks for the content though. Cheers!

  8. Please suggest any book for me of food science and I am a hotel management student and I want to become a chef so according to this suggest any book and I am interested in Continental cuisine

  9. Sir i did my in physiology and in dietetics and community nutrition management(DCNM from Vidyasagar University in WB) sree laxmi’s book is copied from SWAMINATHAN(father of green revolution, 2 parts available). Book of swaminathan is the motherbook of nutrition,i will request you to study it please.. i am a regular follower of urs so i suggested please dont take it other sense sir..

  10. Dude one small help day before yesterday I ate a country chicken and the other day too (home made) but these two days there is a pain in my lower stomach with no symptoms, so will the nutrients in the chicken get absorbed in my body which I ate ? ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  11. Can u suggest some best colleges for msc in nutrition and dietitics in India … Need it v badly could u PLZZ help?

  12. Sir can you tell me next level nutrition book for boxing please the bad news for me i created own nutrition but i got piles I am recovered from surgery now no idea what I do can you tell me best book for gain weight too

  13. Sir ignou maai certified food and nutrition (CFN) maai bhi Indian food ko baare maai haai toh vo krna shi haai?

  14. Can a non science background person can understand these books.
    If no plz suggest some good books to care of family health and nutrition.please.

  15. Very nice, meaningful and informative video and work by the whole team โค. Best wishes to all for the coming years and take care. JAI HIND โค๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Sir vry informative vdo thnks for this vdo bt sir ek aisi book recommend kriye jisse diet chart easily bana sake .I m also studying nutrition science

  17. Sir Ditietion aur food nutrition dono aik hi subject hy ….in dono k liye exam paper b aik bhi hoga….?ยฟ????

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