MY TRAINING JOURNAL | Setup, Why, and How I Use my Training Notebook

MY TRAINING JOURNAL | Setup, Why, and How I Use my Training Notebook

I get loads of questions about my training notebook/journal/log, so I made a video on some of the basics: why I track my training the way that I do, how I write out my training each day, and pros of tracking/logging your training over time. I hope you guys enjoy!

Leggings: Witness Fitness
Tank: Lululemon Love Tank
Shoes: Adidas Night Joggers

Bodysuit and necklace: Express


  1. So happy to have you back on YouTube !! You looks so good & in a happy place 🙂 Thanks for reaching with us !!

  2. Could you make a video on how to make a structured training program for yourself?
    Eg. How many exercises for each muscle group, different ways you can set up a split, etc.

  3. How or what do you do when you go into the gym and you have a plan but everyone is using the things you need? A lot of times I run into issues where I have a plan for my training but all of the squat racks are being utilized and so it can mess up my timing between workouts. Do you have any tips on what you would do in this situation?

  4. This really inspired me to be more structured, but there tea is your glow. Got damn girl you skin has me shook, you’re comeback is the greatest

  5. Why are you still following Brittany dawn on Instagram she stands for everything you are against. I just can’t see how you could even relate to her or want to follow her?
    1. Online Coaching fraud
    2. Buying animals as accessories.
    3. Cookie cutter diet plans and workouts
    4. Skinny not strong.
    5. Taking advantage of vulnerable women
    6. Buys a pet and then leaves it at daycare 24/7

  6. Since you have a background in Olympic Lifting and athletic training (I think?) I wanted to ask what you think about incorporating oly and/or Crossfit into a bodybuilding program or vice versa? I prefer the way I look when I am doing more bodybuilding splits and style training but I enjoy the variety of Crossfit and learning the Olympic lifts because I get bored easily. However, I find I miss having a more sculpted body when I just focus on Crossfit and Oly… thoughts? Ideas on how to incorporate it all? Do I just need to focus or can I do all the things and still progress in being awesome at everything and looking great haha??

  7. This is really cool. I’ve been lifting for 4 years and have made pretty good progress but this encouraged me to even think about finding a coach

  8. Love this! I can’t count the times I’ve been teased in the gym for writing in "my diary" though

  9. would you mind doing another training journal/notebook just focusing on THAT with more camera time on the actual book it self.

  10. I honestly wish a youtuber would explain in detail how to incorporate a deload into your program. I feel like Em would be good at explaining this.

  11. Maybe you don’t need to do a dedicated video on this (I’m ig kitten cat too ❤️), but I have never heard of a neurological phase of training and would love an explanation of the three different phases you mentioned

  12. Love this! I’m a personal trainer and every single client has a printout of their program and they see much more progress than the ones who haven’t followed a program in the past. Programming is so important to see if things are actually working the way they’re supposed to. I personally also follow one, but I think I’m going to start keeping a journal like this because I hate being on my phone while I train as well!

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